My Boys: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

P.J., Bobby, Brendan, Mike, and Kenny all return to their poker playing habits in the new season of My Boys. The one thing that has changed is the notable absence of P.J.'s brother Andy who was played by Jim Gaffigan. It appears that the comedian has become too big for the show and called it quits. Can the show survive with only five poker players?

That's actually what the premiere episode of the fourth season focuses on; finding another poker player to take Andy's place. Thankfully, not too much is changed with the loss of Gaffigan. Besides, he was never immensely important in the plot of the previous season to begin with. The rest of the cast does well to fill in his shoes.

What's somewhat disappointing is the fact that the show hasn't really changed since it debuted 2006. The majority of things revolve around the group of four friends and nothing else. Sure P.J. and Bobby might be a couple now but they still act like friends most of the time.

If you've enjoyed My Boys in the past, you'll most likely enjoy it's fourth season debut. It's only a little bit different without Jim Gaffigan there but thankfully they manage to keep it together.

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