One Piece: Season Four, Voyage Three

One Piece

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Season Four, Voyage Three is a pretty hectic set of episodes for the Strawhat crew as well as for fans who will be on the edge of their seat. Luffy and the crew have docked at a ship building city called Water 7 where they need to repair the Going Merry. They get some pretty troubling news there. So troublesome in fact that it causes a rift between some of the characters in the crew, one so large this may be the last time we see a few of them.

Adding to the troubles the Strawhat crew find they get swindled when they convert all their gold to cash, come face to face with a notorious family, find themselves being blamed for a crime so hated by the people of Water 7 that they find themselves up against the whole city. This arc of the One Piece saga spells nothing but troubles for Luffy and the gang.

Again, if you’ve come this far, invested yourself in the characters, you’re going to find their plight a nail biting edge of your seat journey that, assuming you haven’t seen these episodes elsewhere, will shock and surprise you. Well known characters will suddenly become bolder, familiar faces will be in danger of disappearing, and you even get a peek at a new crewmate. It’s the usual action and adventure from One Piece but twice as suspenseful and leaving you hungry for more.


AJ Garcia
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