Patema Inverted

Patema Inverted

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Running Time: 
98 minutes

Princess Patema is a curious girl that wants to explore her underworld realm. Even thouse she is the princess she still has to follow the many rules and regulations that are there to keep the people safe. Even though she has been told that she must follow the rules, Patema can't stop herself from exploring the forbidden zone where mysteries and wonder await her. While looking around, Patema finds out that the stories of monsters living in the forbidden zone are true when she runs into someone that can walk on the ceiling and has red eyes. In her attempt to get away, Patema falls into a void that drops her into a new world where the skies are blue and the ground is green with grass but for Patema it's really not blue skies and green grounds. This new world Patema is now trapped in has her falling into the sky as if she where falling into another void and the ground that Age, a student she first meets, is actually walking on the ceiling now, but it's the ground. Age tries to help Patema from falling into the sky but in doing so the two are now being chased down by people that don't want the two worlds to meet. The two become friends as their need for one another to stay grounded leads to a discovery that neither could have every imagined.

Patema Inverted has a really interesting plot as well as a very cool cover for the Blu Ray but the execution of this movie wasn't that well done while also being very imaginative with some amazing art. What I liked and what makes the art amazing is that though the scenes being shown are of one world, they make me see that there are two different worlds at use in the one. Such as Age having to hold onto Patema at all times while out in the open or else she will float/fall off into the sky. When they show the transition of the two the screen will flip around to show how for Patemas point of view she will be at first on the floor then all of a sudden she's on the ceiling or floating in the sky. Not only that but the detail of the art in everything is really good with clear sharp detail that almost at times looks real. Such as some of the sky scenes look like a real sky filled with clouds.

I was also very happy that this was dubbed over to English. I'm fine with some movies staying in their native language, at times it's even better that they do, even if I have to read subtitles and at times have to rewind to read the whole subtitle. In this case though, there's way too much going on in both the art and the dialog that it would have been too much to try to read to keep up with the plot while also getting to see the whole picture. The imagination that has been put into this movie is the driving factor and what gives it the appeal. This is a play on a old story of two worlds being the opposite of each other where one don't want to have anything to do with the other but the twist is by having the characters float/fall when in the other world. This really is a interesting story, there's a lot of good moments in the story and as I said the art is amazing.

Here's the flip side to this movie about flip sides. It's too long. This movie clocks in at nearly two hours by having a total time of one hour and 38 minutes. There are moments didn't have to be put in where all they do is drag the movie along and slow it down. When it begins, the flow of the story is smooth, it's got a good pace, but then there's a showing of landscapes that are useless to the plot and progression of the movie. It looks nice and I will admit the art work is really good, but does it have to be put in the movie? No. Patema Inverted just continues to go on and on with moments that drag and slow it down. This is not a story that's got a lot of action in it and the character development and interactions are what push the story along. Which is why when those scenes that are just artwork or scenes of the characters looking at each other making those whimper sounds slow it down so much that I would lose interest in the movie. By the end of the movie I just wanted the movie to be over because I was getting distracted and couldn't stay focused on it.

So the movie drags on at times but considering how good it looks while becoming a little slow, I could almost overlook it. Picture quality for this movie is really nice. There's a lot of different colors that are being used to show the differences between the worlds and everyone is crisp and sharp. I can't say they are bright, well I can, because when the scenes are in Age's world, the colors are bright because his world is supposed to be bright. Flip side though is the world that Patema lives in is dark, there's a lot of browns, shadows, areas that are supposed to have a darker look to them, they do. They might not be as bright as the colors showing sunny skies but they are still clear and sharp.

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