Peachcake: Unbelievable Souls

Unbelievable Souls

Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It’s like Russian Roulette when it comes to my workloads. I can throw in an album and find Hardcore, Dubstep, Industrial or even kids music. With a name like Peachcake I was pretty sure that I was going to hear a bunch of kids songs about sharing and caring, especially with the first song being titled Don’t Panic, It’s Organic. How surprised was I to find some high energy electronic dance music?

My first impression was inspiration. I honestly traveled back and forth in time with this album to influences like The Talking Heads, Camouflage, Of Montreal, Passion Pit, Hellogoodbye, When In Rome, Datarock, Chromeo, The Happy Mondays, etc. I don’t think I’ve heard so many different bands colliding into one, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, unless you hate all those bands. If so, calm down bro.

Peachcake, From what I’ve gleaned off the net, is a heavy tour band that made its roots in Arizona where they built up a heavy fan base and used their new found fame to tackle some political issues. They’ve toured with some great acts like Peter Murphy (I mean, come on, it’s Peter Murphy), Explosions In The Sky, Young The Giant, and The Go! Team. That’s pretty impressive for a band that’s only knocking out their sophomore effort after 2008’s What Year Will You Have The World?

The album has some great music on it that’s core is based in the electronic genre but mixes in funk sounding guitars, rock, pop, and some elements of techno (loosely). Lyrically the songs revolve around positivity, enforcing a positive environment, tackling and exploiting negative behavior, and sometimes just playful banter, complete with comical outbursts of vocal silliness.

Does the album have any downsides? Electronic music always does and Unbelievable Souls does dip into that pool. For example Step Away From My Destiny does tend to feel a bit monochromatic at times both in its musical direction as well as the vocal delivery. The track almost runs a total of five minutes that I feel could have been reduced by at least half a minute that would have made all the difference. Mainly the introduction to the track goes on for maybe two tick to long.

Some of the tracks on the album do stick around a bit longer then need be which creates a bit of bias against repetitive chorus repetitions and the buzz and beep of the electronic factors. It’s because of this that some of the tracks have a decidedly low repeat factor for me. I’ll come back to them eventually, but it makes me want to pick apart the album in iTunes and act selectively with the tracks I’ll put into my car or workout music. Other then that the album is enjoyable, just in moderation with some tracks. Head over to the bands Bandcamp page to hear the album in its entirety and be your own judge. Enjoy. 

AJ Garcia
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