Rain City Rockers: Mayday


(Rain City Rockers)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Four guys from four already established bands have come together to form a all new group called, Rain City Rockers. These four guys, Andrew Conroy, Tom Thacker of Sum 41 and GOB, Anthony Bleed from Die Mannequin, and Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger, have a new album called Mayday that is something of a jam band record but with a twist. It's twist is that it's also a rocking out record. Along with the band jamming out to the songs they play on this album, they also rock out. What you get on Mayday are punk rock songs that are a lot of fun to listen to and are full of energy that can get you pumped up.
While looking up about this band I found out something that was amazing, not that the members are from other bands, that's common in the music industry, but what isn't common is being able to record a whole album in one take. That's right, these guys created an album that is entertaining to listen to and I believe that's because the group had fun playing the songs. I don't know how long these guys have been playing together but what this album makes me believe is that they have been together for years. The songs have a vibrant and young sound to them but they are catchy and easy to learn. Singing along with these songs will come easy to most people that listen to them because Rain City Rockers make the songs sound fun to sing along with. The instruments are played with skill and a lot of energy. These guys mesh with their styles of playing.
This is a good album, don't make no mistake in that, but there are still a few flaws to the songs. One is that some of the lyrics are a bit too repetitive, not in a bad way, it's one of the reasons that they are easy to learn and sing along with, but I could have enjoyed them just as much with only hearing some lyrics repeated a little less. And though this really don't hurt the album, the lyrics aren't that creative. They are fun, even a little on the joking side, but not too creative. It's the lyrics that make these songs have a slight young to immature sound to them. On the flip side to that, it's because of the young sound and because the lyrics are the way they are that these songs are entertaining and fun. Listening to this album is like watching a movie that you don't have to worry over thinking about while you watch, you just sit back, let it wash over you, and enjoy the moment you are in while forgetting all you problems. This album is fun, it has a raw sound to it that makes it in your face attitude, and it's played quite well. 

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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