The Consummation
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Thursdays @ 9/8c
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Thursday, March 6, 2014
I’ve been such a huge fan of Reign since I first reviewed the pilot. The show is lavishly designed from locations to sets to wardrobe, and the cast is phenomenal, able to pull you from your living room into the world of the show. While the show has had some ups and downs I was still really looking forward to being able to see the 13th episode of the season early. 
Where last we left, Mary and Bash’s relationship had bloomed since Mary used her edge to remove herself from Nostradamus’s legacy that would see Francis dead, and Bash was close to being legitimized by the king so that France, with a marriage to Mary, would become lord over not only France, but England and Scotland as well. 
Revelations abound in the 13th episode as we learn some even darker truths about The Queen, find characters cross mingling which will only lead to trouble later on down the line, and Nostradamus will have some explaining to do as his visions become blurred. 
All in all, I can’t say I enjoyed this second half opener half as much as I thought I would simply for the fact that the show, which relied heavily on sex and pretty faces in the pilot but strayed from that as the show started becoming more serious, was back to square one. It also didn’t help that, by now, the show seemed a lot like the Bachelorette, with Mary test driving Bash, Francis, and even a Spanish soon to be prince. The drama seemed as bit overdone in this episode, but the good news is that The Queen gets some extraordinary character development, we get a closer look at Cassandra, and new possibilities open up further down the line, including Bash becoming more of a rouge player then before. 
Thought I felt the episode was a bit generically played at time I did enjoy it and I think, if history repeats itself, we can move on from the silliness and get back into a more serious show that will keep you coming back for more. 
AJ Garcia
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