Revenge: Fear (PREVIEW)



“Revenge” is a TV show on ABC that revolves around Emily (Emily VanCamp) as she tries to uncover the details and secrets regarding her father’s murder. She somehow manages to infiltrate the upper-class of the Hamptons to try and solve this mystery and extract payback on those that set up her father. After the summer hiatus, the show is primed and ready to return with their 3rd season on September 29th at 9pm. Shakefire had the chance to watch and review the Season 3 premier of the show and it is entitled “Fear.”
This episodes starts off with a possible preview of the end of the season, but does not give any more details. Just like the previous episodes of the past 2 seasons, “Fear” has its fair share of twist, turns, deception, and stunning revelations. The writing is mature, sexy, and will keep you guessing until the next episode. Emily plays her multiple roles so well and is the heart and soul of the show. There are some new characters in the mix, some returning characters, and some characters that are sent packing. Who am I talking about exactly? You are going to have to watch this episode to find out.
The music, the acting, the characters, and the overall show is so suspenseful and thrilling to watch making “Revenge” a really good show. I cannot wait to see what happens in the forthcoming episodes of this season because I am hooked on the show. If you are behind on the episodes, I suggest you catch up quickly because this season I already looking to be just as good, if not better, than the previous 2 season. If you are looking for a show full of drama, suspense, mystery, and intrigue, “Revenge” is the show for you. For those reasons, I am giving this episode of “Revenge” an “A.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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