Rock 'N' Rainbow: Let's Boogie

Let's Boogie

Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Rock “N” Rainbow’s Let’s Boogie offers up a smorgasbord of sounds for kids with messages ranging from the importance of getting outside and playing on a bike with friends to letting out gas. 
The first track on the album, “I Like To Ride My Bike” is a bubblegum punk song that instantly reminded me of “Me and My Bike” by The Cooties. It’s so serious in its Pop Punk sound but so silly in it’s message. 
The rest of the tracks on the album spread the musical scope far and wide by offering up songs in the tone of Reggae, Disco, Funk, and some light metal to classic rock sounds. I was really impressed with the diversification of music on the album. As a musical parent, if my kids were still young enough to fit the demographic, I’d be more then a bit enthusiastic that there is an album that could safely introduce the kids to music based outside of the pop dominated spectrum the world seems to be in today. 
Other the that the album offers up fun in the lyrical that will have kids giggling or daydreaming about getting out into the world and having some fun that’s healthy and character building. Thumbs up on this one. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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