Roger Day: Marsh Mud Madness

Marsh Mud Madness

(Roger Day)
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2013
Roger Day’s Marsh Mud Madness is a collection of witty educational music that kids will love and parents will appreciate for craftsmanship behind it. From Vulture Vomit to Ghost Crabs, Roger Day aims to educate kids on nature and give them music that isn’t patronizing. 
From the start I was hooked. Vulture Vomit opens the album with flare, style, and humor that reminds me of Mr. Nicky. It’s kind of a gross out song, but based on scientific fact to teach kids about vulture actions and the reasons behind them. 
Other songs had me daydreaming about kids here in the Carolina’s finding a place in their minds eye for illustration of songs that include locations in their part of the world, nature in their geographical area (basically marshes), and the life forms that co-exist in them. 
As usual I am completely blown away by the level of craftsmanship from yet another fantastic children’s musician that doesn’t slouch on the mastery of their music for the midi sampling of the past. The album also transcends, but does not disregard, the usual morality based kids music. It’s more then just about getting along, it’s also about understanding why even animals get along in the grand scheme of community and life. Well worth checking out for the kids.
AJ Garcia
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