Scrubs: The Complete Collection


On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creator Bill Lawrence has said in interviews that he wanted "Scrubs" to be almost like a live-action "Simpsons," not only in the style of humor but also with the numerous high-profile guests and a fairly large cast of recurring characters.

Scrubs lastest for 181 episodes spread across nine seasons and two television channels. It's had its fair share of ups and downs but remains to be one of my favorite sitcoms around, despite its cancellation last year. Rather than purchasing all the individual seasons seperately, you can now own the entire series in one massive collection with a few bonuses.

Scrubs: The Complete Collection includes all nine seasons on DVD as well as a bonus disc. Also included in the set is a John Dorian Sacred Heart ID badge, photo strip of the main cast, and a collectable lenticular cover. None of these items are particularly fancy.

The badge isn't really a badge at all but flexible plastic in the shape of a badge. The photo strip is just like something you would receive from the photobooth at the fair, although the picture quality is a whole lot better. The best of the physical goodies is the lenticular which changes its image depending on the angle you look at it.

The DVDs themselves - all 26 of them - come in a binded booklet of sorts. Each season has its own tab for easy access. The pages are decorated with the same artwork and designs that can be found on the individual releases. It might have the appearance of being cheap but the booklet holds up well and storing all the discs coiuldn't be easier. The entire package comes housed in a silver-colored case that looks like the clipboards featured in the show.

Content-wise, the DVDs are the exact ones from previous releases so there's no difference there. What is different is the final bonus disc. On it is a Scrubs triva game hosted by the Todd. You can play the game with either solo or against a friend and it covers episodes from all nine seasons. If you win the game, you're treated to exlcusive bonus features. This is where the trouble lies.

Playing the trivia game requires you to answer between one and five questions about the selected season. Answer the questions correctly and you can move on to the next season. Finish all nine seasons and you'll unlock a bonus featurette. Yes, I said a featurette. There are seven different ones and in order to view them all, you must play the game SEVEN times.

The features themselves are great to watch but the requirements to watch them are simply outrageous. As big a fan of Scrubs I am, I don't want to have to play a trivia game every time I want to see one of the bonus features. Beating the game once should unlock them all for viewing whenever I want. As funny as the Todd can be, it does become annoying after a few attempts.

Overall, Scrubs: The Complete Collection is fantastic for fans who don't already own all of the seasons out there. The majority of the content is the same and what is new can be quite bothersome to access. I really love the whole layout of the collection and the show is one of the best around; I just wish there was more content to go along with it as it hardly feels "complete."

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