Seether: Isolate and Medicate

Isolate and Medicate

Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The first time I listened to Isolate and Medicate I was a little disappointed.  I had hoped that the album was going to be heavier.  After listening to the album a 2nd and 3rd time I really did enjoy it.  While its not the most complex in terms of writing of both the music and lyrics and not what I was expecting it turned out to be a good CD.  Something I can jam out to while driving around.

Out of the 10 songs on the album there’s only 2 that I’m not really a fan of, both of which being somewhat slower songs.  If you’ve listened to first single off the album Words as Weapons, it’s a good track to get a feel for most of the album.  Not to heavy and fairly simple music writing but with a couple good riffs to keep you interested. I would recommend this album if you’re a Seether fan but also recommend not expecting anything incredible.

Wayne Stillson
Review by Wayne Stillson
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