Sinister Visions

Looking for a good scare this Halloween? Don't come looking for it in Sinister Visions, because the only frightening thing about this disc is the realization of the time you lost watching it.

Sinister Visions isn't a single film but a collection of five shorts and a couple of skits. The only good thing is that they didn't try to tie them all together with a lame story and just let the shorts be shorts.

It opens with "Succubus" and a woman archaeologist who finds an egg, breaks it, and becomes possessed by the spirit of a demon. Then she kills some guys with sex. The Succubus make up is pretty good but there is no actual story here.

"My Undead Girlfriend" follows a man marrying for money whose target bride becomes a zombie and he tries to hide that fact so that he can still wed the girl and get the cash.

"Mother Knows Best" has mommy issues. "A Woman Scorned" has an ex getting revenge.

And we end with "Genital Genocide" about a killer being put to death who regails the relatives of his victims with the details of his killings as his last words.

The one about the gold digger is a little amuzing, but beyond that this is a terrible collection of poorly written, badly acted and only passably filmed short films. You can do much better than Sinister Visions without much effort.

Review by Jason Pace
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