Stargate Universe 1.5 (PREVIEW)

As Stargate Universe returns for the second half of its first season tensions are high as the civilians and the military unit aboard Destiny are at odds over control of the ship. Camile Wray is threatening Young over the death of Dr. Rush and Destiny, amidst its inner fighting, finds itself under attack. Characters will in fact find themselves divided.

First off I have never seen an episode of Stargate Universe but I have seen a lot of the previous incarnations of Stargate and found them pleasant enough. With that being said there was just something about Stargate Universe that I found unnerving. Maybe it was the way in which it seems the show is too much like SyFy’s hit re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica; a mixed group of people trapped on a ship looking to find Earth, the dramatics of the show (at least it seemed in these two episodes) are very clichéd, and there is a sinister plot running down the spine of the show that is very reminiscent of Battlestar all together. Maybe it was just me or maybe my suspicions have some validity (come on SGU fans back me or debate my points).

So in the episodes “Space” and “Divided” stand alone doesn’t even come to mind. I sat there utterly perplexed with the characters, the storyline, and the purpose. Sure you get a quick little synopsis before each episode to put you up to speed but a show coming back that has been a mixed bag as far as fan reception goes would do well to at least offer up some kind of universal intro that’s both exciting yet informative in respect to what went on in the first half of the season. Just show us what the show has to offer while weaving us into its core plot. Unfortunately your given no such luxury as your tossed into character scenarios that require a little bit of investment in order to be swayed by the crews plight and absolutely no understanding of where you are or how you got there. I found the characters on the show (especially David Blue's extremely whiney Eli Wallace) very one dimensional. As episodes there isn’t a whole lot going on for people who have just come in for season 1.5 and don’t know anything. The show isn't terrible but it hasn't made me a fan with these two new episodes. Maybe it will be different for you.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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