Stick It

Stick It

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Running Time: 
103 Minutes

It is no secret that I was dreading this movie; but after watching it I felt that my fears were valid.  First enter the parent friendly rebel teenage girl complete with awful bad one-liner put downs and an attitude that is not rebellious just annoying. She is accompanied by two reject wannabe’s from the X-Games that are packed with all this slang and sayings that don’t exists. To top off the out there horrible plot Haley (the annoying girl) breaks a window and instead of going to JuVee she is sentenced to gymnastics? Oh but don’t fear even there she will attempt to keep up this fake “I’m so tough and rebel against nothing” attitude.

Then the movie takes you into the world of gymnastics so you get a decent look at some routines and what not. From there the girls train for a competition and then the movie takes yet another turn. The plot switches over from the rebellious girl story to something much bigger. It turns into a platform to get the message out that the scoring for gymnastics is out-dated and needs to change. And that is what it will concentrate on for the rest of the movie. They should have just made that the main plot and not try to add in all that other crap. What I find that greatest is that they pushed this movie to be PG-13 when in reality the only people that will find this funny is a crowd much younger than 13 or maybe those that are really into gymnastics (but you should really just fast forward to the routines). In fact the only reason this movie didn’t get an F (the plot, the acting, the dialog, pretty much everything was bad) is because of the special features.

There are 8 deleted scenes and blooper/outtakes (which has alot of falls & flubbed lines) which are pretty standard. Also of course there is the commentary by the writer, director, cinematographer, editor, Missy Peregrym, & Vanessa Lengies. If you liked some of the music in the movie then you have the Missy Eliot video for “We Run This” and the Jeannie Ortega video for “Crowded”. But the best features are those about the real gymnasts in the movie. There is a look at which gymnast filled in for what actress (some of the gymnasts were the actresses), full routines from Nastia Liukin & Isabelle Severino with commentary, and slow motion uneven bar routines by Isabelle Severion & Annie Gagnon with commentary. I wish that that was all that was on the DVD; because the movie actually takes away from the bonus features.

Review by Pandora
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