Strike Witches: Season Two (BLU-RAY)

Strike Witches

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In season 2 of Strike Witches we find the ladies of the 501st taking on a new and improved Neuroi. The enemy is so new and improved that it has wiped out its former incarnation and is making every attempt to do the same to anyone that dares to strike back. It feels like a lost cause, especially after the 501st completely destroy one Neuroi ship only to watch it come back together anew. It’s obvious they’ll need better strikers, stronger weapons, and a tighter more cooperative unite to take on this new and improved threat. Can the ladies get over their constant cat fighting and jealous ways?

I wasn’t really impressed with this series. The first season was all mostly fan service to the point that the core storyline was just background noise. This new season takes itself a bit more seriously which is great but really, it feels like the same show. Lots of fan service, LOTS, and too much drama. The alien threat, when it shows up, is a bit cooler now that the Neuroi aren’t just these big bulky ships that arrive and put up a decent but hardly battle worthy fight. This season does continue with bringing the 501st closer, though sometimes it feels like we’re covering the same ground now and again, and we do get some closure to the main storyline, or at least what appears to be closure. In any case if you’ve made it this far with the series you’ll enjoy it that much more. So how did it look?

Like the difference in story quality between season one and season two there is some improvement in picture quality. Season one looked very undetailed, soft, and a bit sapped when it came to color. Season two looks a bit shinier with more detail showing up in the picture, a bit brighter attention in the color scheme, and sharper more defined lines surrounding most objects and people. It is reminiscent of the first and second installment of Fairy Tail in which the picture quality goes from poor to decent. Audio quality is as usual superb. Funimation’s track record for sound is still unrivaled in its consistency compared to just about any other studio.

Commentaries, textless songs, trailers, BD and DVD versions, and an art case that will hold both season one and season two under the same roof.


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