Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (Blu-Ray)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Running Time: 
78 minutes
Special Features

Green Arrow short, Sneak Peek at All Star Superman animation, 4 bonus cartoons, and much more.

Another ship from the planet Krypton has crashed into the waters of Gotham City that contains a new teenage girl. On his first meeting with this new Krptonian, Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy) does not trust her at all. However, Superman (voiced by Tim Daly) has opened up his life, both secret and the cape identities, to her when he finds out she has some ties to him. After getting some help from Wonder Woman (voiced by Susan Eisenberg), Kara (voiced by Summer Glau) has gotten the attention of Darkseid (voiced by Andre Braugher), the ruler of the planet Apocalypse. When Kara is captured and taken to Apocalypse nothing will stop Superman and Batman from getting her back.

This animation is from the comic book Superman/Batman and was one of the best story lines that the comic first had in the series. Getting to watch this Blu-Ray version was a thrill for me. Being that I read the comic story when it came out, getting to now see it in an animation form is great. For those who have read the comic I think you will find this to be really good and stays true to the comic. For the people that haven’t read the comic, well you don’t need to and you will also get a lot of enjoyment from watching this movie.

These animations that keep coming out keep getting better and better in the way they look. The style that the art work has is looking more like the comics and sometimes even more realistic then what they were 10 years ago. There’s sharp, clean lines to the art that make everything stand out in this animation. Being that it’s a Blu-Ray the movie looked even clearer than I could have imagined.

Though the looks of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is not the only thing good about the animation. Having a story line that features the top 3 super-hero characters from the DC Comics universe all together and fighting one of the toughest villains made for a really fun animation.  The fight scenes take on a new level for animations that have been out before this. This is an intense animation with some great art, and a really funny one liner given by Batman right before he goes off to Apocalypse with Superman and Wonder Woman.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse picks up after the last animation of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies with talk about President Luthor and the Meteor that ends up bringing Kara to Earth. Though this one has the title of Superman/Batman it’s more a story about Supergirl with not enough Superman/Batman in it, at least for me there wasn’t. One thing that adds to this animation is having Tim Daly being the voice of Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman. Both have been the voice for the characters before and has pretty much made Superman/Batman theirs. I was only disappointed in one point about this animation, it wasn’t long enough for me. It’s only 1 hour and 18 minutes long. However, with this minor blemish, everything on this Blu-Ray is fun to watch. The special features have so many different features to watch from getting a Green Arrow short to seeing documentaries about Darkseid and Supergirl, and there’s even 4 episodes from the Superman Animated Series.  

Lee Roberts
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