Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Only the second theatrical film to be based on an animated Warner Bros. television series in 25 years, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies features the well known and and original voice actors Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Tara Strong, and Hynden Walch. Nicolas Cage, Will Arnett (who also produced the film), and Kristen Bell round out the cast.


The Teen Titans are feeling left out of the spotlight once they find out that every single hero in the DC Universe has had their own film. Not just celebrated standards Batman and Superman, but even Alfred Pennyworth has his own film. Having been dismissed as a joke by the senior superheroes the Titans commence the search for a director, but are denied.


At first they attempt to make themselves the only superheros in the world by traveling through time to change the origin stories of the more well loved heroes. When that doesn’t go quite as planned, they decide the only way to increase their credibility is a by having a nemesis whose name sounds menacing when whispered. The young heroes choose Slade, who has his own plans to mind control the entire Justice League and take over the world.


The Titans’ real super power is bringing much needed levity to a movie universe that ushered in grimdark film interpretations. While we quickly became obsessed the gritty realism, DC has had trouble shaking that mantle and their theatrical efforts have lagged behind those of Marvel. TTGTtM fits right in with the current, successful trend of using humor and not taking themes too seriously while fighting evil.


Filled with belly laughs, dark DC in-Universe humor, and charm TTGTtM is easily DC’s best film in years. Make sure you stay for the post credits scene, which garnered a huge response from fans of the original Teen Titans cartoon.

Maria Jackson
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