On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Running Time: 
94 Minutes

One word, boring. I went in expecting it to be a pretty bad movie, I mean come on it is about a girl that has teeth in her vagina.  But I was thinking that there might me something to take from it, awesome death scenes, a campy funniness, something. Nope just a movie that felt much longer than it was and a waste of time.

You start off watching as Dawn a teenager goes around preaching about abstinence and encouraging others to join her. Then very quickly she is ready for sex with a guy cause they share the same beliefs on waiting for sex ironically enough. But when Dawn changes her mind but the guy doesn’t stop we witness what a pair of pissed off teeth can do. Dawn then rapidly changes from virgin to slut as she starts looking for a hero to tame her teeth. And then gives up on that and just starts getting revenge on those that have wronged her.

I was surprised that the actress that played Dawn wasn’t that bad though not the tradition cute or beautiful girl that is normally gotten for these roles. She isn’t hideous just very normal/plain looking. Not the death attack scenes are pretty much the same and not really that shocking when you know that the weapon is vagina teeth. It also takes some time to finally get to an attack and it almost seems like a pointless build up.

I have seen people raving about this movie; but to me it was a one trick pony. I mean I guess if you find video clip after video clip of people getting hit in the nuts funny then it is possible that you will find clips of penises getting cutting off funny. But really don’t you want a little bit more from a movie? Bonus features: commentary by the writer/director, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, trailer, and TV spot.

Review by Pandora
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