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The 100

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Wednesdays @ 9/8 C
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
In episode two of The 100 we find the remaining expedition kids in full panic after one of their own is struck with a man made spear and left for dead. Is there human life on Earth still or did the kids just set off a booby trap left behind by man? Either way, it doesn’t look too good for one of the kids. 
My first initial reaction to the show was that it had great promise, but was marred a bit by the usual CW formula. Things seem way toned down as far as that aspect is concerned in the next few episodes. Music is very limited compared to the pilot, and the characters move from being just pretty faces to integral elements in a pretty captivating story that begins to unfurl.
In my last review for the show (Pilot) I found that The 100 seemed to borrow heavily from sources like LOST and Lord of the Flies. That stays true in this next episode, but not in any sort of bad way. 
Political and social turmoil builds amongst the kids as they try and find their places among the somewhat chaotic shuffle and they discover a new threat that isn’t just the obvious suspects such as starvation and medical necessity. The show really starts to come together. Acting from the kid actors is still a little wooden, but it’s all worth sticking it out. 
Aboard the space station drama is much larger with life or death scenarios and political subterfuge that puts everyone’s lives in the balance. Life support systems seem to still be on the fritz and the plan of attack is to dump a few hundred citizens from the station as a sacrifice to give the remaining citizens more time. With the kids one by one pulling off their wristbands and sending mixed messages to the adults on weather or not Earth is safe again, the adults are in chaos. 
My press disc features the show about four or five episodes in (more reviews to come) and as I watched the show I found myself unable to stop from starting the next episode. It was surprising to me that I went from kind of disliking the show to absolutely loving it. I see big things for this show as long as people can hang on and wait for it to even out, which only takes a few episodes. Great story and eventually great acting and execution. I highly suggest tuning in.  
AJ Garcia
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