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The 100

His Sister's Keeper
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Wednesdays @ 9/8 C
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Last weeks episode of The 100 brought the show into dangerous territory with the usual CW fare but managed to keep it interesting with the shows usual no holds barred routine of making huge dramatic leaps that are unconventional. I almost completely hated the episode, but I feel like the show has proven that it can be great as long as it forgets about being a teen drama and continues to work on being a sophisticated mystery of suspense and chaos. 
In the upcoming episode of The 100, His Sister’s Keeper, we get a wider back-story on the relationship between Bellamy and Octavia which manifests itself well into the present day story where Bellamy has realized Octavia is not in camp and gathers a search and rescue party to go look for her. 
So at this point we know that the Earth is inhabited by people the kids call “Grounders”, survivors of the nuclear fallout that’s kept humanity floating aboard space stations miles above the Earth. We’ve had glimpses of them, Octavia awakens from her spill and finds herself face to face with one, and they have been seen sitting atop tree branches observing the camp. 
In this episode we go much farther down the rabbit hole as a Bellamy and his group enter unexplored territory filled with warning signs and an ominous vibe that the group is being watched. Meanwhile Octavia is being held captive, though being cared for medically, but her captor reveals something revelatory which expands the world of the 100 forever. I won’t reveal what it is, but the show just got ten times more complex and interesting. 
Back at camp Clarke and Raven find themselves awkwardly working together. Though Raven doesn’t know what’s going on, Clarke is showing obvious signs of stress. Not really a good thing when Raven is being relied on to fix the radio so that they can get in touch with the Ark to let them know the kids are alive and well, mostly. 
I was glad to see the show was back in full gear. We don’t get much present day views of what’s going on the Ark since the cleansing, but the episode proves to be stellar with a great back-story gives two of the characters more depth and investment when it comes to the imminent danger at hand as well as showing us a wider view of the Earth drama, further expanding the mystery and giving us something more to look forward to in next weeks episode. I highly suggest tuning in. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
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