The Devil’s Tomb

The Devil’s Tomb

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Running Time: 
90 minutes
Bonus Features

Commentary with Director & Cuba, Alternate Scenes, Outtakes, Beneath The Desert: Behind The Scenes, Previews

Captain Mack and his team are sent in on a rescue mission. The only info they are given is that a very important scientist has gone missing and they are to follow his daughter into the depths of a secret testing site. As they travel deeper and deeper the chances of the scientist still being alive becomes less and less. As odd events start to happen Captain Mack and his team start to learn more and more about what the tests were and they were not given all the information about what exactly would be required.

This is a very odd movie, starting all the way at the beginning of who is starring in it. Cuba of course has made some odd movie choices in his career so not too much of a shocker there as has Ron Perlman. I love Henry Rollins but once again not the most blockbuster choices. The rest of the cast is sprinkled with people that I have seen in other things but what and their names escape me. Put all this together and you have an odd mix of some people that can act decently with others that are used to being backups.

Next is the story. It’s predictable and has been done. A group of people trying to save someone & encounters supernatural/zombie/hallucinations, let the chaos of fighting for survival begin. However with the “zombie” type people they have an interesting twist, not big enough to make this movie awesome; but enough to make me refocus on the story for a bit.

It takes awhile to get there but the movie does have a violent/gruesome side that also helps out. But it is the cheesy, fake, over the top kind; very bright red blood, exposed bone, boils, and contacts. Overall on the low average side probably only pulled up that high because of some of the actors, but at the same time that also pulls it down some as it isn’t “bad” enough to thoroughly enjoy. Seeing Henry Rollins as a priest for a few minutes was nice; but still doesn’t make this one to seek out. If it’s on TV or someone else has a copy and wants to watch and you like horror/zombie type movies you will be able to sit through it and might even enjoy parts.

Review by Pandora
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