The Hunger: The Complete First Season

The Hunger

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Bonus Features

“The Hunger Inside” Hosted by David Bowie – Cast, crew, producers and more talk about the show and season 2

“The Hunger” is a mix of “Tales From The Crypt” and at times soft core porn. Instead of the Crypt Keeper you get Terence Stamp hosting the show. At first I was wondering why they didn’t try for Malcolm McDowell; but Terence Stamp masters the creepy/gentleman act just fine.

While there is a few vampires thrown in do not think that it only deals with vampires based on the cover. You have a wide variety of stories that are told in the first season. Cursed beds, evil dresses, forbidden recipes, spirits, murders, and revenge are just all part of the mix. As you can guess some tales are a little spooky, some good, some a little bad but in a good way, and some are just horrible.

Now if you were a fan of “Tales From The Crypt” then there is a very good chance you will like “The Hunger”. One noticeable difference between the two is the sex. There is a lot of it. And I’m not talking about kissing, a couple laying in bed, and carefully place sheets or cut-aways. Nope, full nudity on woman and behind nudity of men. The sex truthfully borders on soft core porn in some episodes (licking, positions, groping, etc.). Focusing on the acts (no penetration which is why soft core) here and there is alright; but most of the time it just took away from the story. I think it is to fill in and make a short story long enough for an episode. Still even with that I enjoyed “The Hunger”.

Throughout the series you will see a variety of familiar faces popping up in episodes. So keep your eye out for guest stars Balthazar Getty, Lena Headey, Daniel Craig, Chad Lowe, Jason Scott Lee, Curtis Armstrong, Michael Gross, Brooke Smith, and Joanna Cassidy among others.

Episode List:
The Swords
Menage A Trois
The Secret Shih-Tan
Bridal Suite
Room 17
No Radio
But At My Back I Always Hear
Red Light
I’m Dangerous Tonight
The Sloan Men
A Matter Of Style
Fly By Night
A River Of Night’s Dreaming
The Lighthouse
The Face Of Helene Bournouw
Plain Brown Envelope
The Other Woman

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