The Overnight

The Overnight

In Theatres: 
Jun 26, 2015
Running Time: 
79 minutes

Meeting new people can be an awkward affair, especially when you’re new in town and have a kid. Fortunately for Alex (Adam Scott) and his wife Emily (Taylor Schilling), they meet the seemingly perfect couple, Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) and Charlotte (Judith Godrèche), at the park one day and are invited over to their house for a playday with their kids. Things only get weirder as the night progresses, and Alex and Emily soon find themselves experiencing a night they’ll never forget.


The Overnight puts you in the shoes of Alex and Emily as you attempt to understand what’s going on between Kurt and Charlotte in this sexy comedy that makes things awkward from the moment they enter the doorway and continues to build until the credits roll. You can almost instantly tell that something is strange between the couple, but the film does a good job at towing the line between being passionate and just being friendly. Between skinny dipping, massage parlor handjobs, and paintings of buttholes, the idea of swingers is actually the least shocking aspect. That says a lot.


The film works well because of the chemistry of its cast. Jason Schwartzman exudes an “I don’t care what anyone else thinks” charm, doing whatever makes him happy. If there’s anyone who can convince a person to pose shirtless, down on all fours with your butt sticking out, it’s him. Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, meanwhile, are the inexperienced couple who are not looking to ruffle any feathers of their new “friends” and go along with wherever the night takes them. It’s funny to see just how far they’ll go.


The Overnight doesn’t hold back. It’s not afraid at pushing the envelope in its depiction of nudity and sex. It won’t be for everyone, but for those that do end up watching there are plenty of hysterical laughs to be had and a few awkward moments, but it’s well worth it.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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