The River Why (BLU-RAY)

The River Why

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Running Time: 
104 minutes
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Brought up to be a fisher, Gus (played by Zach Gilford) wants to do nothing else with his life but fish. Fishing is his passion, it’s his love, it’s what drives Gus to make it through the day. However, Gus’s life is not quite as simple as going fishing. At home his parent fuss and fight with each other over who is the better fisher and he has to live in the shadow of his father the famous fisher/author. Life for Gus is a mystery, it’s one where he knows that he loves to fish but he don’t know who he is.  All that Gus knows is that he’s on the world but he wants to know where he fits in. Soon after getting his own place where he can fish all day and work on his lures, Gus meets Eddy (played by Amber Heard), a girl who is free-spirited but also loves fishing just as much as he does and who will change his life in ways he never expected.

The River Why, what a boring movie this was. It’s a movie about fishing while being about the character finding himself while also being a love story. Now while this movie is being all these at no time was it fun, interesting, catching, thrilling, thoughtful, or entertaining. During this 104 minute long movie I kept thinking what is the point, what was the meaning of this movie? By the end the only answer I could come up with is, why not.

The way it starts the character of Gus seems to have a good life, a great one in fact considering what he loves is to fish, he has both parents that love to fish, and they take him fishing all the time. Yet when the movie gets past the opening where the character is now a young adult, he all of a sudden freaks out, yells at his parents about not knowing anything, and then leaves to live in a shack that looks like it will fall down if it’s touched. After getting this shack, he spends his day fishing and then trying to figure out who he is and his place in the world. Now while doing this he meets a guy that of course philosophizes about life and helps Gus figure out all the questions he has. Along the way there’s the girl who also loves fishing and is always popping up wherever Gus is.

This movie tries to be about fishing and a love story, which to my knowledge there’s not many of these movies out there, oh there’s comedies about fishing but the fishing love stories are few and far between. Here’s the reason why, fishing is boring, might be fun to do, but watching it is boring, and though there has been a love story added to this plot of fishing, it’s still boring. The River Why never had my interest, the plot was dull, the flow was way too slow, and the acting was poor. Zach Gilford was as believable a fisher as I would be saying I’m a billionaire. Though he did a good job at being a whiny character that got on my nerves.

This movie has nothing going for it, the plot, the acting, and even it being a Blu Ray wasn’t much to talk about. The picture quality was ok, not great, not something I would be talking about on how beautiful it looks, but it don’t look bad either. It’s got just enough of a decent look to make it not look bad. Audio levels where disappointing because I had to change the volume levels a few times to hear what was being said because it was just too low. 

Lee Roberts
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