The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

In Theatres: 
Nov 16, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 56 Minutes
Will the real Renesmee please stand up?

Both an animatronic baby and 3-week-old babies were used in the film.

I admit; I was worried. Having read Breaking Dawn, I wondered how the finale could come across on screen. However when I heard that certain changes were being made, I became curious. Now having seen BD2 thrilled and satisfied. Twihards, you're in for a real treat!

BD2 opens with credits dripping red over the black and white lush moutains of the northwest and white credits still aganist various flushing and pulsing red images--beautiful, but menacing. As the credits end, Bella's brown eyes change to red as we get to explore the world with her through her new vampire senses. The smallest text is readily readable, she's stronger than Edward, and Jacob really does stink! Free from her human angst, Bella is much more enjoyable with her new powers and shines as a vampire.

Bella is finally able to hold the baby she died giving birth to, but Renesmee, showing teeth, already appears to be several months old. A human vampire hybrid is new territory for the Cullens and nothing like you've ever seen. A mix of babies, actual actresses, and CGI is used to create Renesmee's face through out the film and it can be unsettling to see. In a few months Renesmee appears to be several years old and communicates by projecting her thoughts into your mind through touch.

All is going well, Bella is enjoying being a newlywed and is slowly accepting the fact that Jacob has imprinted on Nessie (his nickname for Renesmee), which is some how made far less creepy in this half than in BD1. Jacob refuses to stay away, essentially becoming the family dog. They're one happy hybrid, vampire, shapeshifter family until Irina from the Denali clan sees Nessie and mistakes her for an immortal child.

Immortal children were once human children turned into vampires. Beautiful as cherubs, but still having the temperament of a child, they could not be trained nor restrained and thus were outlawd by the Volturi. Having lost her mother as a punishment for having created an immortal child, Irina runs to the Volturi to tell them of the Cullen's severe transgression. Hungry for vampires with power to increase their own, the Volturi grab onto Irina's tasty morsel of a story and head toward the tiny town of Forks.

To defend themsevles, Carlisle calls in his vampire friends from all over the world to be witnesses hoping their numbers will be enough to convince the Voltuir of Irina's mistake. Nearly thirty new vampires are introduced, at least half have powers ranging from control of the elements to being able to make you see what they want you to see. Whle training it's discovered Bella has her own power of her own. But can she learn to use it in time before the Volturi come for them?

BD2 doesn't lack the melodrama of the previous films, however, all performances have vastly improved. We get to see new emotions cross Kristen's face as a vampire that she never expressed as human Bella. Taylor is far less wooden and everyone seems to have handle on how to act around those golden contacts. In this way, BD2 almost feels entirely different from BD1. BD2 takes every opportunity for humor possible and the laughs hit with amazing accuracy. A scene between Jacob and Charlie had the audience swooning and howling all at the same time.

When the Volturi and Cullens finally meet on a snowy plain, the action scene that follows was so thrilling the audicence was gasping in shock and clapping through out the long scene. While I knew this had been added, what actually goes down had me in shock, arrested, and sitting on the edge of my seat with everyone else. This scene is EPIC. Even a non-fan I spoke to was completely enthralled.

The movie closes with an interaction between Edward & Bella that is the most tender and touching of the series. It lets you inside of their love like you're seeing it for the first time. The chemsitry between the two here is palpable. 

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a beautifully done and heartfelt goodbye to the saga & fans. The ending credits bring the books and the film together for a full circle feel that might make fans tear up. It's the ending the series deserves and with out a doubt the best film in the saga.

Maria Jackson
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