Theo: The Game Of Ouroboros

The Game Of Ouroboros

Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In his debut solo album, keyboardist Jim Alfredson has released “The Game Of Ouroboros”, a progressive rock record that is going to stand out. With only 6 songs on this album, Jim Alfredson makes his music get the attention of the listener from the instant that the first song plays and then does something even more stunning, he keeps that attention through each of the songs. That's because his music has some unique sounds that are unexpected when listening to them for the first time but by the time you have listened to it multiple times that unexpected sound becomes a catchy fun sound.
Each of the songs have a very catchy and unique sound being played in them that are just fun to listen to. There are different sounds being put to use in the songs, one such sound is the opening that has a telephone ringing then a little dinging thing and a voice over like a computer voice that is just creepy. It's a odd way to start a song, but it also catches the attention right off and makes you want to listen to the song to hear where it's going to go next. Which is build as other sounds get put into the song and the voice gets faded out some. My best example that I can come up with when saying how you listen to this album is almost like an exciting movie, it gets you wondering, you will be intent on finding out where it will go, and then by the end you are glad that you sat through it.
One thing that stands out in these songs are the length of them. Even though there are only 6 tracks, the album takes nearly an hour to listen to. The shortest song is 6 minutes 52 seconds and the longest is right at 13 and half minutes. Which I'm actually glad that Jim Alfredson formatted these songs at this legnth because any shorter and it just wouldn't be enough. It also wouldn't be enough time to get in all the sounds being used. These songs are a hybrid, jam and sing along. The time of them and the different sounds being used in them make them the jam band, but the vocals and lyrics easily make them a sing along style song. For a debut solo album, Jim Alfredson has done a very well job with his progressive rock songs, so much so that I want another hour of songs to listen to.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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