Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway

Thomas & Friends: King Of The Railway

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Running Time: 
62 Minutes

A new face has come to Sodor in this magical adventure featuring Thomas & Friends as they do all they can to be useful to the new tenant of an old run down castle. Along the way they meet new friends, one an old run down engine who shares his fascinating stories with the bunch, and there’s even a mystery to solve when Thomas discovers one of his friends has gone missing. Kids will absolutely love this great addition to the Thomas & Friends movie line-up as the film is creative, adventurous, and opens up the land of Sodor even more then before by looking into its past.

King of the Railway is a remarkable Blu-Ray for the kids as the world of Thomas & Friends has always been very colorful, plus its CGI so the picture is all control (no lighting issues or anything like that). The backdrop of Sodor looks amazing with high detail exploding in the backdrops. Though I will say the trains do look a bit bland in HD. Either way it’s a great picture and a great film that up the fun for kids. It also helps that the film is in HD-MA 5.1 which brings the world to even greater life.

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