Thrice: The Alchemy Index Vols. 1-2

The Alchemy Index Vols. 1-2

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As I opened the case to Thrice’s latest album, The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II, I prepared myself to listen to a few hours worth of music packed onto 2 disks. It turns out that I was wrong.  I was surprised to find out that disk one (Fire) had only 6 songs, all tracking in at under the five minute mark. The same can be said for the second disk (Water) except for one song that clocks in a six minutes. I wondered why they couldn’t just combine the two disks into one. I guess to go with the whole two volume idea of Fire and Water.

I was not impressed by the music at all. There was too much going on all at once, harsh sounding vocals along with some insane instrumentals is not a good combination for music. If it weren’t for the lyric booklet included, I would have no idea what they were screaming. It was simply not pleasing to listen to. This was mainly for Volume I, Fire. As for Water, it was slightly better. There was still too much stuff going on at once but it had slowed down considerably to where the music was actually listenable. It makes some sense seeing as the music goes with the titles of the volume with Fire being all crazy and wild, and Water being calm.

Thrice definitely has some work cut out for them. The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II does not live up to par and one can assume that they will release a volume III and IV, most likely titled Earth and Wind. The music is not well done and is hard to listen to. There was not one thing pleasing I could find. Perhaps they should have spent less time on the design of the album cover and more time on the music.

Matt Rodriguez
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Jeremy Hunt's picture

I love Thrice and I'm a sucker for concept albums...so basically it's like the Alchemy Index was cooked up by some mad scientist just to make me happy. This volume has some of the best music they've ever created, from "Burn The Fleet" to the one-two punch of "Night Diving" & " The Whaler."