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Trophy Wife

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“Trophy Wife” is a new show on ABC that can be seen on Tuesdays at 9:30pm. The show revolves around Kate (Malin Akerman), a former party girl that falls in love with a lawyer named Pete (Bradley Whitford). Pete has already been through 2 failed marriages and just started his 3rd with Kate. Along with his 2 ex-wives that are still in the picture, Peter also has 3 children to watch after and deal with. Kate appears to be okay with the whole situation and manages to agree to be a new addition to the family. This family is like a more modern and realistic “Brady Bunch.” However, I just wish it was as interesting and fun to watch.

There are several shows that try to portray the modern family, but fail miserably doing so. “Trophy Wife” tries to be funny and serious, but does not excel at each attempt. I did not laugh once through the whole episode because the dialogue, the writing, and the jokes were stale and boring. As for the acting, it was average, but the whole cast, including the children, were not attractive nor were they enjoyable to watch. I know there were probably trying to go for the realistic approach for their casting, but it just added to the things I disliked about the show. The kids look awkwardly funny and the ex-wives are beyond belief making this show the perfect recipe for disaster. There was too much going on in such a short period of time making this show hectic yet boring at the same time.

I do not in any way recommend watching “Trophy Wife” and I think you should check out “Modern Family” or “The New Normal” instead. The writing in this show has no real focus and the jokes were very bland. I do not plan on watching any future episodes of the show and suggest you do not either. The other shows are more realistic, have better writing, and the acting is more believable. For those reasons, I am giving “Trophy Wife” an “F.”

Paul Arca
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