True Blood: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

True Blood

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Sundays @ 9PM ET
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) lives in Bon Temps where vampires and humans live together. Though the humans know about the vampires and are seemingly able to live together there is still some that don’t like it. Though the vampires are not the only ones living in Bon Temps, there’s also Wiccians and shape shifters that are able to thrive in the town. Even with all that happens in the town, it’s Sookie that is the center of attention for the vampires.

First Three Episodes:
Alright, I’ve just finished watching the first three episodes of True Blood season 4 and wasn’t impressed. Let me explain myself first because I know that a lot of hardcore fans of the show will be reading this thinking that I’m insane for not liking it and there is a reason. That reason is that this was the first time I’ve watched the show and when watching a show that is a continuing story line that’s now in the fourth season means I have no clue what’s going on. Nothing was making sense to me, the characters had no connection for me, and the plot was one that made no sense to me at all. If I had been watching this from season 1 I probably would have liked it but being that this is the first I didn’t care much for it.

Now that’s out of the way here’s all the aspects of the show that I wasn’t caring much for. First of all the story flow jumps around way too much making it hard to follow. Why is there so many storylines going on in this show? There’s something with the main character Sookie where she is someone special to the vampires, then some shape shifting people that turn into horses, a woman that’s afraid of her kid, a cop hooked on vampire blood, a couple that one is a vampire and one human, a vampire king, a lesbian couple, and a gay couple dealing with some mystical stuff. All these story plots are being told in the episodes where they each get a few minutes screen time and then it goes into the next and the next and so on and so on keeping me so confused that I couldn’t get into the show at all.

Having all the different story lines is ok even without me being able to understand what’s going on but it’s the mystery of the main plot line that I couldn’t figure out. What is really going on in this show, what’s the real reason for it? If it wasn’t for some friends of mine telling me about the show over the years I would never have guessed that Sookie is the main character in the show. With these first thee episodes of season 4 and this being my first time watching it, I would have said that there is not single main character and that the whole cast is the main character. There’s a lot of characters in this show and each one seems to be given about equal screen time where their stories are just about as big as the last one.

 Bottom Line:
If you haven’t watched the show before now this is not a good jumping on point. Season 4 starts right off where I’m guessing season 3 ends, which if it wasn’t watched makes knowing what’s going on confusing. Also the whole idea of the show was one that I though was just about vampires being real not a show where vampires are real that live with humans that know about the vampires along with shape shifting people. The only thing this show has going for it is that it’s dirty and gritty where it includes cussing and nudity. Basically True Blood is a show that has been done many times on network television but because it’s made for HBO it’s allowed to show the nudity, the sex scenes, and have all the cussing making it the show that is for adults and more realistic. Without the graphic nature of this show, True Blood would be no different than the other mediocre shows with similar content that’s been done before. 

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