Two Tickets to Paradise

Two Tickets to Paradise

On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Running Time: 
91 Minutes


“Two Tickets to Paradise” is what I would call a “buddy comedy” , it’s about three best friends  Mark (John C McGinley, Scrubs), Billy (D.B. Sweeney, Cutting Edge), and Jason (Paul Hipp, Three Sisters)who at one time in school they were at the peak of their potential, Mark an Athlete, Billy, a “rock star”, and Jason a genius. But due to circumstances not 100% mentioned, they now a chronic gambler, a truck driver, and a retail clerk. And one day Jason wins a raffle at his job to go see the BIG game in Florida, meanwhile, Marks wife leaves him and Billy’s wife (Moira Kelly, Cutting Edge) is cheating on and he walks in. So they hop in Marks car and go on this wild and crazy road trip just three middle-aged guys, and they meet Melville (Ed Harris, Appaloosa, Beautiful Mind) a “carnie” and cross paths with a gator or two, and so on. And that the end they realize each other’s issues and they hug, and live happily ever after.
When I read the back and its said “Hilarious Comedy” and it has John C McGinley in it, I was like “oh man this is going to be good, and “hilarious”, well I wasn’t totally correct in the assumption. Its starts out wayyyyy slow, I could go on a “Dr. Cox” rant from Scrubs about how slow the movie was in the beginning.  Thirty minutes into this and I was wondering how long could this drag on for? Not to mention I don’t think not once did the song “two tickets to paradise” play in the movie, odd the movie is called this, hmmm. The acting in it for the most part by the main characters was great, wouldn’t expect anything else from the main names in the movie. Did not know that Moira Kelly was who she is until the first scene and we said “toe-pick” which did make me chuckle both them back in a movie again. This movie is not “hilarious” it was funny at some parts, but I did not pee myself laughing at any part. Maybe if you walk into a store and you are a big John C. McGinley fan, you could pick it up?, but don’t pay over $5 for it. Other than that it’s a snooze fest. But you be the judge.


Review by Dave Chobanoff