Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This movie was EXCELLENT.  Another Tyler Perry creation.  I’m glad that African-American filmmaker can make a movie that is up to par with its other counterparts in the same genre.  Please don’t act like you don’t know what I’m speaking of!  This movie is good and even though it is an African-American film, it can hold its own without any mention of race.  It is a solid dramatic movie that can be relatable to any background. 


The movie is based on a silver-spooned business man is running the company his father built.  He is the CEO.  He is successful.  And he’s unhappy.  The story follows Wesley Deeds, played by Tyler Perry.  He struggles with what he feels is his obligation to run his father’s company and marry his fiancé (played by Gabrielle Union) whose pedigree has been approved by his controlling mother. 


Let's not forget the dynamic role that Brian White plays as Mr. Deeds brother who feels he should have been 'heir to the throne'.  He lashes out at Mr. Deeds every chance he gets to try and bring his brother down off of the pedestal their mother has placed him on.  You have to watch this movie for this role alone.  Very interesting and amazing that you'll find White's character is true to life to someone you know or have encountered before. 


All of that will change after Mr. Deeds has a chance encounter with a woman who works as a janitor at his company.  Thandie Newton does a stellar job as always playing this part.  Even though her she seems to be struggling financially in this life as a widow and single mother of one, her outlook on life seems desirable to Mr. Deeds.  He spends the movie pursuing this happiness which includes a very interesting storyline.  I recommend this movie to all.

Zione Michaels
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