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"We are of peace. Always."

It's a normal day around the world, that is until giant space ships come floating down from space. Throughout the world 29 ships appear over the 29 major cities without any warning. When the leader of these aliens Anna (played by Morena Baccarin) tells the world that they are a peace loving race that only want to stop on Earth for some of it's resources the people of the world fall in love with them. Only FBI agent Erica Evans (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) does not get caught up in this wave of adoration for these "Visitors". While she is out trying to discover what's the real reason for the coming of these aliens, Erica must also keep an eye on her son Tyler (played by Logan Huffman) who has become infatuated with the aliens and even falling in love with the daughter of the leader, Lisa (played by Laura Vandervoot). Though Erica is not the only one who thinks that the "Visitors" are not here in peace, there is a group of rebels that want to fight the aliens and send them away. Though with the news reporter Chad Decker (played by Scott Wolf) getting one on one interviews with Anna that portray the "Visitors" as peaceful, loving, and willing to share their complex machinery and science, the world might find it hard to believe that they are anything but that.

This show is one that when I heard was being made I was waiting in anticipation. A little background for anyone that don't know this, is that the show V originally aired back in 1983 as a miniseries, as well as TV show and another miniseries. The plot of them is the same, aliens come to Earth in what is being said as peace so they can basically refuel while trading knowledge before leaving. Only they are not here in peace. I've seen the originals and love them, so I was already of the mindset that I was going to like this new series.

The reason I bring this up is because I remember the format of the old that made it so popular and have now seen the new to compare the two. First thing that I noticed that's different with this new series is that it's slow, really slow, in having things happen. There are only 12 episodes in season one and it has taken them all to show just small glimpses of what the "Visitors" really look like. This point has me concerned because the show is a really good show but because they are taking so long to have anything of importance happen in the episodes, it can hurt the show. Mainly being making it dull at times because all that is being seen is the character Erica running around trying to prove that the aliens are bad but then the other side saying they are good. With shows today it's easy to loose an audience in which case the show would be canceled.

Being that this show is good, the plot is excellent, aliens coming to Earth with the intention of taking over, that's just good stuff. Plus knowing of the original show, I have these hopes of seeing where this show can go. If they do keep with the same plot as the 80's version, which so far the plot has and the basic underlying theme of the character are where as their names and some of their jobs are different, this show would be huge favorite of mine.

As it stands right now, I like it, a lot, but it still has work to do. The characters relationships have already been told so it needs to get on with the action. The whole reason the "Visitors" are on Earth is to take control of us so the show needs to get on with this idea. I like suspense of wondering how Erica will prove that the "Visitors" are bad but it should have been done by the end of this season where season 2 would open with them taking control of the world.

Aside from this the show is a visual wonder to look at. The space ships cg is amazing. At no time do they look like they are fake ships being hung down by lines or were made by some 20-year-old tech student. Being that I watched the show when it aired as well as now on the Blu Ray, I was even more impressed when I saw the quality of the show on Blu Ray. Everything stands out looking better than if I were there in person to see it. Plus the sound quality is clear as a bell. I had no difficulty hearing anything and didn't have to turn it up loud at any point. V is a beautiful show to watch with the cinematography, the picture quality, and yes even the actors in the show are all beautiful people, even the aliens.

The best part for the show, and why I think it made it to a second season, is that V has a lot of great television actors. Morena Baccarin has already done science fiction style shows making this an easy fit for her. She knows how to play her character of a alien leader that will take no mistakes from her race while she plots to take over Earth but still be able to play a character that shows the world that she's this nice, beautiful woman that only wants to share knowledge, while at the same time playing the role of a mother. It's amazing to see how many different faces she must put on for this one character. Though Elizabeth Mitchell is not to be out done as the FBI agent who wants to find out answers. She has the authority and the look of it that makes here believable for the role. It's because of these actors that the show is as entertaining as it is. Though it don't hurt to look cool and have lizard aliens.

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