Warehouse 13: Season 5 (PREVIEW)

Warehouse 13

Season 5
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Monday@ 9 ET/PT
Air Date: 
Monday, May 12, 2014

Warehouse 13 returns for it's fifth and final season on April 14, 2014 where it picks up right after the events of season 4's finale. Claudia (played by Allison Scagliotti) is in an epic battle to save the warehouse from being taken over by Paracelsus (played by Anthony Head). While Claudia is trapped inside the warehouse with Paracelsus battling for her life and the warehouse, Pete (played by Eddie McClintock), Myka (played by Joanne Kelly), and Artie (played by Saul Rubinek) must find a way to get inside the warehouse to stop Paracelsus from changing everything for his own demented purposes. In these final six episodes for Warehouse 13, the team will travel in time, try to save people from drowning on land, confront old family issues, and deal with their own personal feelings and issues as they wind down to the end.

After watching episodes from last season and now these first four episodes of this final season, I've realized that I should have been watching this show from the start. It's a corny show, has some very odd plots for the episodes but it's because of this odd way the shows are that makes it fun to watch. There's a very good balance of using the odd and the quirky to make for fun and interesting shows. Eddie McClintock is my favorite on the show, his character is a goofy guy that just seems to bumble his way through the day while also knowing what he's doing, kind of.

The show keeps with using the myths of the world as artifacts to cause problems, usually deaths, that the agents of the warehouse have to solve. So nothing really new on that front, other than the different and new artifacts, but the show is interesting. There are many layers to this show that makes it good and fun. One layer is the obvious, the characters and the actors playing them as they bring them to life. It's the attention to detail that is being paid to the characters that I liked, from how they have their own peculiar characteristics to just the small reactions they do when walking around in a renaissance festival. But it's more than just the actors and their characters that I liked and make Warehouse 13 a fun show, it's the way they have blended reality with the mythical science fiction.

I might have missed the first few seasons of this show and I might not know the whole history of the show but that didn't stop me from understanding enough of these last episodes to enjoy them. The writers don't hold out on making these last episodes good. These last episodes of the show does what a show should do and what some have done, they make the viewer get more connected with the characters as the show comes to an end. It's a charismatic show with some quirky writing that make for some funny episodes. Out of the four my favorite episode was "Savage Seduction" when Pete, Myka, and Artie are pulled into a Spanish soap opera. The writing, the way over the top acting, and every line that was done in this episode had me laughing so hard that tears where coming out of my eyes.  But all the episodes where good, they where witty, funny, quirky, and just plain fun to watch. From the first of season five, each episode gets better and funnier. Warehouse 13 seems to be on the right track for it's final episodes and farewell that fans should appreciate it even more.

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