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Web Therapy

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
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Commentary by Lisa Kudrow, Behind Scenes, Outtakes, Season 2 preview

Who has the time to go see a typical therapist anymore? Well, now it don’t matter because anyone with a internet connection and a web camera can go online to Fiona Wallice (played by Lisa Kudrow) to get a 3 minute long session with her. She has decided that having the typical 50 minute session takes up too much time with too much talking but now with this online video chat site she can cut to the chase getting to the core problems of her patients in 3 minutes. While helping her patients Fiona always finds a way to bring some point of the session to be about her leaving her patients a little bewildered as to what they are supposed to be doing during the session.

Web Therapy is now a Showtime show that was taken from webisodes of the same name with Lisa Kudrow. The show is improvised comedy that is about Fiona Wallice who decides to start up a web therapy video chat site that gives 3 minute sessions. Each episode has the character Fiona talking to some new patients and some regulars where she tries to get them to tell them what might be wrong with them but always finds a way to talk about herself. Some of her patients actually have some major problems, one couple thinks they are siblings, one patient is in love with Fiona, and one is quite possibly having an affair with Fiona husband Kip Wallice (played by Victor Garber).

At first this show seemed all over the place with it’s jokes, the way the characters interacted with each other that I didn’t care much for the first 2 episodes. As I kept watching though the show grew on me and I was enjoying it and liking the improvisation being done between the characters. With this being a improvised comedy show there’s moments that the routine or sketch kind of slows where the actors don’t quite seem to know where to go next. It don’t really matter though because it’s kind of funny wondering what is going to be said next on this show. What I liked the most was the times that Lisa Kudrow would start to laugh during the scene and try to hide that she was.

Most of the episodes where funny, especially the during the credits when they show the outtakes, but there are also episodes that’s not that funny. The funniest episodes are when there are guest stars like Jane Lynch where she makes her character this over the top, intense, angry, and very aggressive business woman and Lily Tomlin who plays Fionas mother does a great job as being this uncaring mother. With these actors who are both good actors and comedians, when they are in the episode Lisa Kudrow plays off them very well and makes the skit funny. The other actors for the most part do a good job and are funny but there are moments that the comedy does get a little boring. Not helping much is the fact that the sequences are mainly shown as if it’s being viewed on a computer with the two boxes used for the video chats. I know it’s supposed to be this way but at times it gets bland and old watching the same backgrounds with every episode. It’s a unpredictable show with some odd comedy, it’s definitely a different kind of television show but it works and it’s funny.

Lee Roberts
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