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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tollins and Robbins also produce Smallville and One Tree Hill, two more shows on The WB.

In Milos Forman's Man On The Moon, a biopic about late great performer Andy Kaufman, Kaufman rejects a stint on the popular sitcom taxi, "Its just stupid jokes and canned laughter", he says.  What I Like About You happens to fall under that description hard. It's a formulated experience filled with timed comedic responses (mostly forced) and a laugh track or audience trained to laugh when one of those Applause signs lights up. I sat there thinking to myself, "What was so funny?" The acting from character to character feels like this might possibly be the last chance at stardom for these folks and their doing the best they can with such terrible material. I mean how funny can one actor make a moose that drops M&M's out of its rear like feces seem funny. Lots of prop gags that seem appropriate for a 10 year old but for its time slot and age demographic this show seems to be stuck and there are plenty of reasons why.

Brian Robbins and Mike Tollin are producing pioneers whose creations have been entertaining for years. The problem is that they have a keen eye for shows geared towards tweens. All That, Keenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, The Nick Cannon Show, etc. The same level of cute and humorous tween comedy hurts their efforts in What I Like About you. It’s to syrupy sweet and immature. Simon Rex, who plays Jenny Garth's boyfriend in season one comes off like a recycled Sasha Mitchell (oddly enough almost exactly like Mitchell's character from the show Step By Step), Wesley Jonathon very much like Nick Cannon during his Nick days, and, well, Amanda Bynes pretty much playing the same old Amanda, also from her days at Nick. Why Robbins and Tollin would attempt to create a new show by taking pieces of all of their old shows is beyond me.

Dan Schneider. Schneider , who you might remember from the 80's show Head of the Class, where he starred along side producer Brian Robbins. Schneider has been backed by Robbins and Tollins for some time now. I bet you can guess what shows Schneider has had a hand in directing and creating. Yes, you guessed it, everything Tollins and Robbins have produced at Nick. I guess if it works go with it. Still, to me, it was a terrible idea to get a writer who has worked mainly with teen stars in junior situation comedies. Quite possibly the reason that the show feels so Nick-ish.

You can tell that the people behind this show didn't have a whole lot of faith in it. Season one is crammed full of guest appearances from Tony Hawk, Dancing With the Stars fame Ian Ziering, Rebecca Gayheart, etc. You don't usually load your shows with that many guests unless you’re certain it is doomed to fail. The show has gone on for four seasons now so they must be doing something right. As for season one, I loathed it. If your easily amused then I would be happy to point this show out to you but if your over laughing at words used to describe the male and female anatomy then I suggest you stray from this one.

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