Year One: Theatrical Edition
Bonus Features

Commentary with Harold Ramis, Jack Black & Michael Cera, Deleted Scenes, Extended & Alternate Scenes, Line-o-Rama, Gag Reel, Year One: The Journey Begins, Trailer

Jack Black and Michael Cera attempt to take you through the early years of history and make it funny; but they fail miserably. Predictable one liner after one liner is delivered and the only thing breaking up the monotony is the fart/toilet humor. Jack Black does his standard over-acting, running around like an idiot thing while Michael Cera stands there trying to act too cool for everything and stuttering out his lines when the time comes.

The whole story is a mess as it jumps from one thing to the next. Throughout there are cameos by various people; but they really serve no purpose and can’t help the crap that is this movie.

Basically the majority of the humor is that of a grade school boy, but the nudity and sexuality that they throw in makes it inappropriate for that age group. So for all those out there that stopped maturing at age 10 like Jack Black this movie is for you. For me it is a complete waste of time and I hope that it brings an end to both Jack Black & Michael Cera’s careers.

Review by Pandora
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