Desperate Housewives

Season: 6
On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Desperate Housewives has been a show that I tried to get into. Watched things unfold in season one, made a brief return in season three, but I just could never really get into it. The series is marred by a recurring use of subplots, characters I just can’t get invested in, and an overall sense of nonsense. There’s really nothing in the show that draws me. After watching season six nothing has changed. The cast seems tired, the plots just as predictably recycled, the events over the course of the season disappointingly fruitless. Don’t take it from me though. In my research of this season there have been plenty of fans that have either stated they wish the show would end before it gets really ugly or are crossing their fingers the next season will bring the show back to its glory days, whatever those may be.