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A Thirtysomething at Dragon Con


INTERVIEW: Robert Lorenz (Trouble With The Curve)

I guess this Eastwood character is getting pretty popular.... Read more

Sleepy Turtles: Summer, Hither

Summer, Hither comes in at just 18 seconds past the 19 minute mark and contains only 5 songs. The title track opens the album with a very “The Coral” intro that features haunting vocal harmonies and the folk backbone that the band is derived from.... Read more

Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun: Wildfire

Indie music has, over the years, become a cluttered little corner of the music universe.... Read more


It's one of the most serious dilemmas facing students across the globe. It's also an extreme danger to every child involved. Bullying is no laughing matter. After far too many attempts at self-harm and even suicide, parents and students alike are standing up to this growing concern.... Read more


 We've all been there: Expensive apartment, a soul-crushing job and no financial stability in sight.... Read more

Highlights of the 2011 Masters Tournament

My experience with golf includes the films Happy Gilmore and Tin Cup, beating my kids at Wii golf, and the few years that Tiger Woods made the news (for golf related topics). That being said, Highlights of the 2011 Masters Tournament was lost on me.... Read more