Ethan Farmer: Wine & Strings

Listening to jazz music I always expect to be hearing more horns and electric guitar being played with the raspy vocals of a guy singing. What I didn't expect was the bass driven songs being played on Wine & Strings by Ethan Farmer.... Read more

HBC: Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers

I'm not a big jazz fan, I like it, I listen to it, but most of the time the times I do hear it is when I'm out with certain friends that go to clubs that has it playing.... Read more

Curved Air: Live Atmosphere

Curved Air are back with a new live album.... Read more

Louis Prima Jr.: Return of the Wildest

Back in the day, when the new school Swing era began, there were so many bands coming out of the woodwork.... Read more

Johan Randén: Summary

Summary is the perfect title for Johan Randén’s third studio album because it is a diverse presentation of instrumental tracks lead by Randén and his guitar.... Read more