Chris Thompson: Berlin Live And The Aschaffenburg Remains - Live At The Colos-Saal

Chris Thompson is a performer that has played with a lot of musicians as well as the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Despite his journeyman career this is the first time I’ve ever heard Thompson and I have to be honest when I say I wasn’t that impressed.... Read more

Rick Wakeman: Nick Of Time

The last time I reviewed an album featuring Rick Wakeman it was a bit of a disappointment (Anderson/Wakeman: The Living Tree In Concert - Part One), though for the record it was a collaborative effort, not all Wakeman’s ... Read more

Louis Prima Jr.: Return of the Wildest

Back in the day, when the new school Swing era began, there were so many bands coming out of the woodwork.... Read more

Melissa Green: Sing Loud - Music For Families

Here’s a funny story. I listened to Melissa Green’s latest CD, Sing Loud! Music For Families, and didn’t even notice that it was in fact music for families aka actually pretty tame.... Read more
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By AJ Garcia

Local Artist Spotlight: Arroe Collins - My Blonde Rock and Roll Roots Are Beginning To Show

Sometimes you come across an album filled with music that seems to defy the conventional term of the word. It’s got all the basic fundamentals of music but deep down it does something to you that the watered down pop radio stuff simply fails to do.... Read more