Brendan James: Hope In Transition

Hope In Transition marks Brendan James’ third studio album, a singer/songwriter album that is rich with a big sound and contains just enough pop sensibility to keep the artistic side from distancing the album from newcomers to the genre.... Read more

Johan Randén: Summary

Summary is the perfect title for Johan Randén’s third studio album because it is a diverse presentation of instrumental tracks lead by Randén and his guitar.... Read more

Everclear: Invisible Stars

The last time I came across an Everclear album it was a cover album. I enjoyed it, but Invisible Stars marks the bands first original album after a long six year wait.... Read more

Dr. Acula: Nation

It feels like forever since I reviewed Dr. Acula’s last album, Slander, but to this day I still revisit that album on a weekly basis.... Read more

Rock of Ages

Get your hairspray ready: 1987 is right around the corner. ... Read more

Moving Mountains: New Light

Moving Mountains new EP Morning Light was a release that I had trouble getting into, still do. After repeated listens the album didn’t really grow on me, instead I found I was liking it less and less with each visit.... Read more