Albert Finney

Saturday, May 9, 1936
Birth Place: 
Salford, Greater Manchester, England

Albert Finney came from the theatre, where he was especially successful in plays of William Shakespeare, to the movies. There he became a leading figure of the young Free Cinema. His debut in cinema was in 1960 with The Entertainer (1960) of Tony Richardson who had directed him also in theatre plays various times before. His typical role were young prolets like, e.g. Arthur Seaton in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960).

Awards and Nominations

2001 - Nominated - Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Erin Brockovich)
1985 - Nominated - Best Actor in a Leading Role (Under the Volcano)
1984 - Nominated - Best Actor in a Leading Role (The Dresser)
1975 - Nominated - Best Actor in a Leading Role (Murder on the Orient Express)
1964 - Nominated - Best Actor in a Leading Role (Tom Jones)


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