Catherine Hardwicke

Birth Name: 
Helen Catherine Hardwicke
Friday, October 21, 1955
Birth Place: 
Cameron, Texas, USA
5' 6"

Catherine Hardwicke (born Helen Catherine Hardwicke; October 21, 1955) is an American film director, production designer and screenwriter. Her works include the independent film Thirteen, which she co-wrote with Nikki Reed, the film's co-star, the Biblically-themed The Nativity Story, the vampire film Twilight, and the werewolf film Red Riding Hood. The opening weekend of Twilight was the biggest opening ever for a female director.


Catherine Hardwicke Has A Bitch Posse

After the overwrought supernatural love triangles of both Twilight and Red Riding Hood, it sounds like Catherine Hardwicke is looking to ease back into the sort of territory she covered so well with Thirteen, agreeing a deal to direct The Bitch Posse.... Read more

Supporting Cast Sign For Red Riding Hood

We already knew that Amanda Seyfried was set to star in Catherine Hardwicke's Gothic horror/fairytale The Girl With The Red Riding Hood, but now a whole heap of supporting cast members have trickled in to join the movie.... Read more

Hardwicke takes on 'Riding Hood'

Catherine Hardwicke has added another project to her growing stack. The "Twilight" helmer is signing on to Appian Way's "The Girl With the Red Riding Hood."... Read more

Emile Hirsch to star in 'Hamlet'

Overture Films is developing a modern-day adaptation of "Hamlet" to star Emile Hirsch. "Twilight" helmer Catherine Hardwicke is on board to direct, with Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen producing.... Read more

Final TWILIGHT poster revealed and...it's not much different.

Not much news here.  Summit sent us the latest (and final) poster art for TWILIGHT and it's really no different at all from the previous incarnations.  Exciting news, eh?... Read more


Red Riding Hood (BLU-RAY)

When released in theaters, Red Riding Hood garnered horrible reviews. In fact, you could tell by the trailers alone that this film was destined to walk away with a couple of Razzies at least.... Read more

Red Riding Hood

We all have our favorite fairytale classics we keep so close to our hearts. Even if we don't especially love them, we can recite the story well enough as common knowledge. Whether it's Rapunzel, Humpty Dumpty or the Three Little Pigs, they are all considered classics.... Read more

Twilight (BLU-RAY)

I was expecting to not like this.  In fact, I was expecting to hate it.  I was thinking it was going to be a new teen emo take on The Lost Boys with a weaker script as it had so much going against it.  Based on a book?  Teen Phenomenon?  Hot Topic infiltration?  Check to all.... Read more


Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight novels have become some of the most loved and most read novels for women young and old and character Edward Cullen one of the most revered fictitious characters in literature this year.... Read more

The Nativity Story

Witness the tale of the birth of Jesus. During the rule of Herod many struggled to make ends meet and lived in constant fear of his power.  A young girl named Mary though has a different test to see just how strong her faith is.... Read more