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The Captain is back but who will carry the shield while there's a Ultimate Enemy and watch out for Kick-Ass, there's Batman also

Finally, after a long 6 and half months the last issue of Captain America Reborn has come out. What originally started out to be a 5 issue series turned into 6 issues. Was the wait worth that extra issue? In my opinion no. The storyline could have easily been told in the 5 issues that it first started out to be, which would have saved me that extra month wait as well as the $3.99 extra I had to pay for that extra issue. As the title says, Captain America Reborn is all about Steve Rogers coming back into the comics. I for one have been enjoying the story of a new Captain America and it being Bucky as the new Cap. But it don't matter because Steve Rogers is back and he's now trying to figure out what he will be. 

 Though following Captain America Reborn is Captain America Who Will Wield the Sheild? (that came out before the final issue of Reborn came out), which picks up with Steve Rogers being back in the world and he is trying to figure out if he will be Captain America again. While Steve Rogers is doing some soul searching, Bucky is going out for his last hoorah as Captain America. This story just wasn't that interesting. The artwork was good for the story  making it something to enjoy looking at, the story line wasn't the same. It read way too fast for my taste and with a cover price of $3.99 I'm wanting something that will not only let me have time to know that I'm reading it but it will stick with me. This story line would have been best put in the back of a normal issue as a second feature. 

 I wasn't completely disappointed with this weeks new comics though. On Jan. 27 Marvel released a new series in the Ultimate line, Ultimate Enemy. Again, the Ultimate line has not let me down. I don't know who the enemy will be in Ultimate Enemy but I would bet that whatever this enemy has planned it's not going to be good. What I like about the Ultimate Comics line is that they don't hold back anything. There has been many deaths of main characters, not in nice ways either, and there have been new plot lines that I would never have expected to read in the main titles. Here in Ultimate Enemy I was not let down, there's a new love interest for Ben Grimm aka The Thing as well as him having some mystery problem with his rocky skin, while at the same time there is this unknown blob of a thing wrecking havock on New York. But what has me most excited about Ultimate Enemy are the characters. On the cover of issue 1 there's Spider-Man, Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman (who is not the same Jessica Drew that's known in the main titles), The Thing, Iceman, Human Torch, and I'm think Kitty Pryde. Getting to see all these characters in single issue, though they all wasn't in it, Spider-Man, Human Torch, and Iceman didn't make an appearance in this issue but I have hopes that they will in later issues. I'm hoping that in these later issues all the characters that's left in the Ultimate line will be coming into this title helping each other out. Having the team ups has always been story lines that I enjoyed so I expect that the Ultimate line will go all out in having them all together.

 Thoug as excited as I was about reading Ultimate Enemy it was nothing compared to reading Kick-Ass #8. I have never read a more in your face, intense, jaw dropping comic then this series Kick-Ass. The story is about this kid in high school who is just a normal kid, no powers, no skills, nothing, who wants to live in a world of superheroes. In this issue, the final fight happens with him and Hit-Girl taking on the mob. This story shows how it would almost really be if someone took on the mob with no superpowers or without being some super skilled hero. These kids get beat to hell and back in ways that could make some people with weak stomachs feel sick. Kick-Ass has it all, great story, art work that is vivid and as well as being disturbing enough that it makes you want to look away, and characters that you root for them. Though the only thing I have a problem with in Kick-Ass is that issue #1 came out in July 2008 and here it is January 27 2010 with issue #8 coming out. Not good when most comics come out monthly, the series should already be on issue #18, big difference.

 Over in DC Comics I read some Batman Streets of Gotham #5. This has the Huntress in it tracking down the Man-Bat. Nothing new really in this story with the Huntress. She's giving a inner dialogue about how Batman and the others don't agree with her methods. Ok, we already know that, and if you are just picking up this story and it's the first time reading a story with the Huntress, it's easy to know that Batman wouldn't agree with her methods. First off she wants to kill the Man-Bat. Uh, hello, everyone knows that Batman don't kill and don't like having any hero kill, so is it that hard to figure out that he wouldn't like how the Huntress goes about doing things? So, it's not needed to have half the story of her talking about this. Plus the fact that the story is already shortened because of the second feature of Manhunter in the back of the issue. So a real story to read is only a few pages, the rest is just the same old thing that's already been said many many times before. 

 Alright, I'm ending this but I'll be writing a new blog about comics each Friday so as many comics as there are out there and all the ones I read there will be no certain style or issues I will be writing about. I do read a lot of comics at the moment, somewhere around 30+ titles not including the titles that I just pick up to read. So maybe next week I'll talk about some of the Marvel Team Up comics from the 1980's that I got from the 50 cents box and how they have the coolest sales ads in them or I might talk about the 4 back issues of Emily the Strange that I have that I will be reading sometime between now and then. However I do look forward to talking about Siege, Dark Tower, The Stand, Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Hulk, Buffy Season 8, Moon Knight, and Gotham City Sirens, to name drop a few.

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