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Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 1, Issue 52

Bits of Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn finally has its title treatment!  What do you think of the color? MTV posits,
“"Dawn" is a reddish orange — the color of, well, the sky as dawn breaks. According to Summit, each card has a unique color to reflect the tone of the story.”
You may have seen this photo around the interwebs claiming to be a still from Eclipse.

IT’S NOT! Twilight Lexicon posted the video to prove it.



We know the honeymoon spot; we’ve seen a shot of the wedding night, but what of the actual ceremony?

So we’ve seen a ton of pictures from BD’s Brazil set and a couple of set pictures but when & where can we except to see a full theatrical trailer? ClevverTV has some ideas


MTV interviewed Elizabeth Reaser while she was Sundance. She talks, BD, Mackenzie, & Kristen.



Angela Sarafyan a.k.a. Tia of the Egyptian clan was interviewed by MTV about her experiences with the crew, her character, & filming Breaking Dawn.
"I went on-set and met Bill Condon and he is truly such a great, great person," she said. "I'm honestly humbled by the fact that he is kind and generous and, with the enormity of this film, has been so graceful about giving every actor their time. He immediately put me on a great starting point. We were all in this incredible Egyptian casbah in Baton Rouge [back in November] and it was quite magnificent. It was quite easy. It's not as pressure-filled as you'd think. It felt like an independent project where everyone's having a nice time, no one's pressured. It's been that way almost every day that we've worked on this."
 "I was telling my mom, and I say these kids, they're [probably] people who are not very nice and they're stuck up ... and they're the complete opposite. They're very kind and sweet and normal and awesome," she explained. "I don't think I could find anything bad to say about a single person on the set. They're quite humble and normal people. It was a delight to come into that.
"About being the new kid on the set, there's so many of us, we've all become a family ultimately," she added. "It's been quite easy."
Sarafyan even got to help create a bit of backstory in order to play Tia. "I always envisioned Tia like Cleopatra and Benjamin like Marc Anthony, so even though they're the younger vampires, they're very strong-willed and rebels. We have this entire history of how they were 4 and they met and they fell in love and at 16 they turned into vampires," she explained. "It's something along those lines. And it's funny, I spoke to Stephenie Meyer and she has a similar idea of what we created."
Now Sarafyan and the rest of the cast are "actually in the middle of it all. We're midway through and we're not necessarily shooting as the script goes." And as Robert Pattinson recently revealed, the big fight scene is currently being shot.
"We're shooting it on green screen, so it's really quite unpredictable because we don't know what we're going to be doing day to day. Every character is pretty much in it except Ashley Greene's character and Jackson [Rathbone's] character. Were spending 14 hours a day hanging out with each other and it's been really exciting because at the end of the day, we don't know what it's going to look like," Sarafyan said. "It's almost half the script, so it's taking a while to shoot it."
Twilight fans refuse to be denied! During filming in Baton Rouge, several Twihards perched themselves on the State Capital’s observation deck to catch a glimpse of Arsenal Park below.
Jamie Ryan, 28, said it was her first time visiting Baton Rouge as she peered over the ledge of the State Capitol building’s observation deck on Friday afternoon, bundled up against the cold wind that whipped her hair around.
She’d flown in from Lubbock, Texas, on Thursday and had been perched on the lookout post for more than four hours with brand-new binoculars pressed to her face.
But Ryan wasn’t interested in the sights of the capital city — her eyes were locked on the enormous green screen erected in Arsenal Park, trying to catch sight of the stars of the “Twilight” movie filming there.
“I’m staying right here,” she said of her spot, where at least five other fans lingered around her. “I am determined to see something.”
“Twilight” mania hit the streets of downtown Baton Rouge this week when the movie’s crew began building a massive green backdrop near the State Capitol building that sent the local rumor mill and online forums into a frenzy.
Information on what producers were shooting at the location or how long crews will film in front of the green screen was unavailable.
“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” began shooting in Baton Rouge in October at Celtic Media Center. Security at the studio has been tight, much to the chagrin of fans trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.
Read the full story here.
Check out this funny BD parody posted on BDM
TwiFun Time!
Kaleb Nation, a.k.a. The Twilight Guy explains why Eclipse was nominated for a Razzie (the award given the “worst” films) while other, more deserving movies, were not.
Worst Picture: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Worst Actor: Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
Worst Actress: Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart
Worst Screen Couple/Ensemble: The entire cast of Eclipse
Worst Director: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Check this really great, intelligent explanation by British DJ Mark Kermode about why he likes Twilight, why people should be less cynical, & what made him look forward to and love Eclipse {Twilight Lexicon}
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