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Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 31

During the “100 Days” Catching Fire celebrations, new banners featuring the Victors will be unveiled at The Hunger Games Explorer. Katniss and Peeta are the first Victors to be featured along with the bone chilling tagline, “No one is a Victor by chance”. Want to guess who will be revealed next? Use the hashtag #VictorsRevealed to tweet your guesses! (X)


Zoetic Sol, the newest issue of Capitol Couture features Jena Malone as everyone’s favorite punk rock tribute, Johanna Mason.



Johanna Mason may hail from the lumber district, but this slip of a victor is anything but green.  Don’t be swayed by her cinnamon sprinkle of freckles and delicate, doll-like features. She was one of the youngest tributes ever reaped in Hunger Games history and her agility with an axe resonates throughout Panem. Sly. Savage. Sangfroid. These are just a few of the adjectives tossed around to describe Mason, who’s known for disarming her victims by feigning weakness.

Mason arrives at her photo shoot for Capitol Couture looking anything but meek. She has a reputation for being snide with her prep team.  District 7’s stylist has been dressing tributes like oak trees and firs for the opening ceremonies ever since the first Hunger Games. Clearly, Mason prefers a more conceptual take on lumber and paper.  “My stylist’s the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Wish I’d gotten Cinna,” she has been known to mumble.


Caesar Flickerman is also highlighted in this newest issue with his own profile.


“I like to complement my surroundings, so I always feel stylish,” he says. “Don’t you love that?” The hue of his bouffant hair changes annually for every Hunger Games. (He still proudly defends the crimson coif he sported for the 73rd Games, even though district darling Katniss told him that it looked like he was bleeding.) “My stylist touches up the color daily and the process is very drying.  I have this wonderful deep conditioner that is custom-blended for me,” he says. With a wink, he adds: “I’m very high maintenance.”

Though he is decidedly subjective about fashion, Flickerman often comes across as abjectly neutral on the subject of the tributes. This particular Quarter Quell Hunger Games presents a challenge to even the most determinedly neutral of spectators though. “I think this is going to be the most exciting Hunger Games Panem has ever seen,” he says, gesticulating passionately.  “It’s a much more level playing field, which really raises the stakes.  I am so moved and inspired by the courageousness of each of the tributes.”


Jenna Malone was also interviewed by Vouge where she discusses getting looking like Joanna and get her body reading for the area.


Your role in The Hunger Games sounds physically tough. How did you get ready for the part?

“Luckily, I did [an action] film called Sucker Punch a few years ago, which taught me what I could achieve in a gym. I lifted 235 pounds in preparation for that movie and my whole body transformed. The same stunt team—they’re called 87Eleven—got me in shape for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We focused on martial arts–type training for the role of Johanna, which helped with stamina and endurance. I also did strength training with Patrick Murphy, who is kind of like a body sculptor. I trained five days a week for two months before we started filming, and then I kept it up during the months of shooting.”


Johanna is rumored to make a striking above-the-neck transformation in the movie, too. Tell us about it.“If you Google the name Johanna Mason, there are 7,000-plus fan drawings of what she looks like, what people want her to look like, what her parents look like! It was crazy bringing this iconic character to life. I think we were all a little intimidated. For her first look in the Capitol, she is wearing this long black ponytail with red tips that goes down to her waist, and eyelashes that go on forever. Her look is really about her eyes. So it was about finding the wildest fake lashes from Germany or Japan. We only had a few sets of them, and I had to be really careful taking them on and off. It took about two-and-a-half hours to get makeup-ready each day. Later, in the Arena, she’s stripped down, sweaty, and sexy, which took about forty minutes. We spent almost three weeks trying to figure out Johanna’s hair [for those scenes]. We cut it, we put things in it, we cut it again, and we tried a wig. One day, I just got in there with some scissors and I cut it my own hair. I said, ‘Ok, this is what she would have done.’ It was a bit terrifying.” (X)

But Vouge wasn’t finished yet! They also spoke to JLaw about all things young & famous and Catching Fire.



Blipper, a free image recognition application, is giving fans of The Hunger Games a sneak peek at exclusive content from the upcoming Catching Fire-inspired makeup line by COVERGIRL created by makeup artist Dotti. These brand new images feature ostentatious Panem crafted looks made to represent each of the 12 districts in the film. The line will involve Panem-inspired nail polish, nail decals, mascara, lip gloss, and more–all of which JLaw and cast used during filming. (


While talking to Moviefone about his new film The Butler, Lenny Kravitz and also discussed his Hunger Games fame, creating new music, Catching Fire, & Francis Lawrence.


I was at the ”Catching Fire” panel at Comic-Con this year, where you brought up something really interesting: that younger kids are now recognizing you as Lenny Kravitz the actor and not Lenny Kravitz the musician.

Yeah, it first started on a street in Paris. This little kid came up to me and said “Oh, Lenny. Oh, my god! I love your work.” I am thinking, You’re seven. I was like, “Oh, really, you have the records?” And he said, “No, ‘Hunger Games.’” I have been getting more of that. A guy came up to my table recently and said, “My daughter would really like a picture with you.” Over walks a nine-year-old who has no idea.


That has to be a bit strange, because for years you’ve been recognized as a musician.

Well, what’s cool is they’re now getting turned on to the music.


… So are you finding time to record music, too?

I just finished an album while I was doing “Catching Fire” — I had no plan to do this; I was in Atlanta and I like to work in my own studio — I went in the studio and ended up recording an album at night. So I would be filming “Catching Fire” all day, go to the studio, work all night, either get no sleep or get an hour or two, and then go right back to work. I did that for, like, three weeks.


How do you think that affected your creative output for each — doing two things at once and not getting sleep?

It worked! It really did. I should’ve been so tired. I mean, I was tired but I was so charged creatively that it just worked.


Did you have more confidence going into “Catching Fire,” since this was your second “Hunger Games”?

Well, it was really fun. It was like going back to summer camp a second year and seeing all your friends again. The cast, we really have a great chemistry together — we really dig each other. We have a new director, Francis Lawrence, so there’s an unknown there. But from the first day, it was great. He took charge and was wonderful to work with. We had a lot of fun, as we did on the first one. I am looking forward to seeing it myself.

See you next week Tributes!