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By Maria Jackson

Happy Hunger Games: Vol 2, Issue 2

A new announcement for “Unity” from President Snow was released yesterday.  


Check out the show of force (which was not in the first announcement. It makes you wonder!) and Johanna Mason’s (still) defiant stance and then, something unexpected happens...

“Due to technical difficulties, playback of President Snow's Panem Address, "Unity" is unavailable.”

Sure, Panem Propaganda, suuuuuuuure.



One of my favorite things about the HG promo efforts is website. The way it works within the world building of the books to support events in a real time way is some of THE BEST marketing I’ve ever seen. It also has to be a creative dream! I mean, you’re basically creating fanfic for a living. I’m only a little green ;)  This week, a safety announcement from PDHS about the “dangers” of District 13!

The Former 13th District of Panem still smolders.


Scientists from the Panem Department of Homeland Safety (PDHS) have determined that ambient radiation levels throughout the former District 13 have risen significantly over the past month, causing President Snow to issue strict new safety measures limiting citizens' exposure to the still-smoldering area.

PDHS Commissar General, Aurelius Wrenner, publicly announced that all Panem citizens should keep at least five miles from the District 13 border to limit exposure to potentially deadly radiation. Peacekeepers have been dispatched to manage the new safety measures.

The former District has been abandoned for over 74 years due to the Dark Days Anti-Panem terrorist insurgents' slaughter of countless citizens. Peacekeeper forces heroically liberated it and were successful in defeating the anti-Panem terrorists, but were forced to destroy the area to save it.

For decades, scientists have doubted the possibility of human habitation in the former district due to its high levels of deadly radiation. Even the possibility of wildlife in the smoldering district has been questioned as very little sustainable ecology is said to exist there.

"Radiation levels in the former District 13 rise from time to time." Said Wrenner.  "There is no need for citizens of Panem's surrounding Districts to panic as long as they expressly follow the Department's safety recommendations. "

One has to wonder IF District 13 is uninhabited and was destroyed in order to “save” it by the Capitol, how could the radiation be rising to dangerous levels again?


While at the press junket for Transformers: Age of Extinction, Stanley Tucci was asked about the ending of filming Mockingjay and The Hunger Games series.


See you next time, Tributes! Maybe we’ll have more announcements from President Snow….and more disruptions from District 13!