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Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 2, Issue 11


I have been listening to the audiobook for Mockingjay (it is excellent!) in order to prepare for my interview with Jeffrey Wright (Beetee) and Mahershala Ali (Boggs) next week. Also, it’s just great to dive back into this book I haven’t read since its release back in 2010! There are so many rich themes explored in MJ that I truly hope make it to film.

Here is a moment I’ve just passed in the book that will be in film (I had no doubt of this!),  Katniss learns that Peeta is alive! The second clip continues this scene as Peeta pleads for the rebels to put down their arms and declare a truce.








With slightly over two weeks until the release, many fans will want to be at the LA premier! Here’s the rundown of the info you need to make it to the red carpet:


This year in lieu of a traditional “Fan Camp”, tickets to the screening and fan-bleacher access will be given out on the day of the premiere [Nov. 17 at LA LIVE] on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS via wrist bands.


Per usual, for safety and security of our fans, we ask that you do not line up overnight or in advance of when security and onsite officials designate. This will be outlined in of advance of the day for both ticket/wrist band pick up as well as bleacher load-in.



3:00PM Ticket / Wristband pick-up @ Will Call 'FAN SECTION'






The carpet will be open at a certain designated time - will call / load-in times will be communicated to fans and if they want to be a part of the red carpet experience they will have to be on time. Upon close of the red carpet, fans will be escorted to the theater for the screening. Please note, fans will already have their tickets from will call, but will need to check their phones upon entering the theatre.



Fan Parking is available at LOT 7 located on FIGUEROA - across from The Staples Center.

Parking is $25 per car. They MUST park there so they don’t fill up the other lots that we are using.


Want an easier, though slightly more expensive way to get your ticket? Samsung is giving them away!




Samsung wants to make you the ultimate fan and send you to the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 LA premiere! Receive two tickets to the Red Carpet event when you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5,Note 10.1 2014 or Gear S this Saturday 11/8 and Sunday 11/9 at one of these TMobile stores:

  • Irvine Spectrum

  • Cherry and 91 Freeway

  • Figueroa and 7th Street

  • Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook

  • San Fernando and Palm.

Legal: Promotion runs November 8th through 9th from noon to six. Quantities limited while supplies last. See select stores for details. {District 12}


If you can’t make it to the LA premier, no worries! You can still purchase your tickets in advance and you’ll be in good company if you do.  According to Deadline:


The Hunger Games franchise is still winning the game. The first day of advance-ticket sales for Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 set a record, selling more than any other movie in 2014 so far, according to both Fandango and Tickets went on sale yesterday, three weeks in advance of the film’s November 21 release. The previous advance sale record-holder this year for Fandango was also a Lionsgate film — Divergent. also reported an advance ticket sales record for 2014 onMockingjay, noting that it far exceeded the first-day advance sales of Guardians Of The Galaxy which opened to $93.4M in August. Mockingjay accounted for almost 70% of Fandango’s daily ticket sales yesterday and is the same percentage they reported for pre-sales for Catching Fire.

However, it must be noted that there were many more films in the marketplace during the the time Catching Fire went on sale last year. This Halloween weekend there is only one new film — Open Road’s Nightcrawler — and one re-rerelease, Saw.

The last Hunger Games installment opened over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2013 to a staggering $158M and went onto gross over $864M worldwide. Mockingjay was also voted by Fandango fans as the most anticipated movie of 2014.


Still need to purchase your advance tickets? Click on over to Fandango or!  


And that’s not the only way to see MJP1! Lionsgate and Samsung are bringing special preview screenings of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 before it hits theaters on November 21, to 50 lucky cities across the US.

Is your city on the list?


Los Angeles

New York


San Francisco


Washingon, D.C.







Salt Lake City



San Diego




Tampa-St. Pete

Portland, OR



St. Louis



Kansas City




Las Vegas

San Antonio



Columbus, OH



Grand Rapids


Oklahoma City

West Palm Beach


San Jose







New Orleans

Details have yet to be revealed, but make sure to follow the official The Hunger Games account on Twitter and watch for clues!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 original motion picture soundtrack composed by James Newton Howard, is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $12.29.

The tracklist, which is uh, a bit spoilerful as to where MJP1 will end, is as follows:

1. Mockingjay

2. Remind Her Who The Enemy Is

3. District 12

4. Snow’s Speech

5. Please Welcome Peeta

6. Katniss Nightmare

7. The Arsenal

8. Incoming Bombers

9. Don’t Be A Fool Katniss

10. District 12 Ruins

11. The Hanging Tree

12. Peeta’s Broadcast

13. Air Raid Drill

14. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

15. Taunting The Cat

16. White Rose

17. District 8 Hospital

18. The Broadcast

19. Jamming The Capitol

20. Inside The Tribute Center

21. Put Me On The Air

22. They’re Back

23. Victory

The album will be released on November 24. Which is three days after the film release and I find that odd, but OK.

While you wait, check out this new release MJP1 soundtrack, Dead Air by CHVRCHES. It’s so 80’s! I love it.





The LA Times digs deeper into The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.  They spoke with Jennifer Lawrence, Francis Lawrence, and Nina Jacobson. They talk about Katniss, filming MJP1, and the tragic death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  


“Katniss represents to me a movement and an awareness for our younger generation — she possesses strength, compassion and the bravery to do what’s right even when it’s not easy,” Jennifer Lawrence wrote in an email.

“She is a lightning rod in the movies, she is a lightning rod in real life as a character,” added “Hunger Games” producer Nina Jacobson. “People relate to her…. I’m moved by the degree to which Katniss embodies the ability of one person no matter how flawed, how complicated [to] make an enormous impact just by doing the right thing when given the choice.”


Then the sudden, shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who succumbed to a drug overdose in his New York apartment in February, delivered an emotionally devastating blow to the cast and crew. “It was really rough,” Lawrence said. “We went dark. It happened on a Sunday, and we couldn’t get everybody together on the Monday. We reorganized the schedule…. We kind of eased everybody back into work. It was also after one of those freezes. It was 10 degrees and miserable.”

Hoffman had two “substantial” scenes left to shoot, one for each film in the finale, Lawrence said, but the Oscar-winning actor’s absence was addressed largely through revisions to the “Mockingjay” scripts, written by Danny Strong and Peter Craig. “We gave the scenes to other people,” he said. “What we didn’t want to do was try to do any kind of digital trickery, not have a digital Phil speak and trying to patch together his voice somehow or anything like that.”

Rarely do the “Hunger Games” films take liberties with Collins’ text, but each movie does deviate from its source material in small, if still significant, ways. Hoffman’s role, for example, was expanded from the novels; similarly, Moore’s Coin will be a greater presence on-screen.


The decision to divide the finale into separate films too was rooted in a desire to more faithfully adapt “Mockingjay,” according to producer Nina Jacobson, though the move certainly is in keeping with recent trends to elongate franchises and surely supported by healthy box-office prospects. (The conclusions to both the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” series, for example, were two-parters, each of which earned hundreds of millions in North America alone.)

“A lot happens in the ‘Mockingjay’ book, and to try to cram it all into one movie, I think we would have never had the time to spend with the relationships and with the characters,” Jacobson said.


For Jacobson, it’s the characters, specifically Katniss, that are the key to the series’ appeal.

“What we’ve tried to preserve from Suzanne’s books is a sense of a story, which is at every turn informed by the trials and tribulations of these characters,” Jacobson said. “I think Francis has proven extraordinary at doing that and being able to balance … spectacle and intimacy. It’s great to try to hold on to real human experience as much as possible.”


Read the rest here


For some fun before I go, check out these parody videos below! Studio C has created parody music videos for Peeta & Gale as they try to win Katniss’ heart. Katniss has a response video too!





Until next week, Tributes! May the odds be ever in your favor!