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By Matt Rodriguez

Puro Sound Labs' BT2200 Wireless Headphones Are Great For Kids And Adults Alike

There’s been an ongoing trend that technology now needs to be bigger in order to be better. People want their smartphone screens to be larger and their headphones to be louder. While many headphone manufacturers are competing to see who can have the deepest bass or the greatest sensitivity, Puro Sound Labs is thinking strictly about decibels.


It is commonly agreed upon that volume levels over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss over time, and with that in mind, Puro Sound Labs have developed the BT2200 Wireless Headphones. Created specifically for kids, the headphones can limit the volume to have a maximum output of 85 dB.


Their design is simple with a solid aluminum headband with cushioned supra-aural headphones. There’s nothing “childish” about its design. It’s very sleek and minimalistic and look great on anyone’s head, child or adult. The band is a bit small, however. The earpieces are extendable, but it’s only slightly and doesn’t offer much of a difference. As long as you’re not an adult with a massive head, you should be fine. What I like most about the design is that the left and right earpiece designation is printed on the inside of each earpiece with a big L or R. It’s not some miniscule letter that you’ll spend a minute trying to decipher like on most headphones. One quick look and you’ll know exactly the correct orientation they should be in.


The BT2200’s work as well any regular wireless headset. A button on the side of the left earpieces allows you to connect to most Bluetooth devices, and there are also volume controls to manage the sound levels. It’s simple and intuitive.


If you want to limit the volume to the recommended 85dB, you have to use the included Puro Limiter cable. It takes some finesse to get it to work correctly; the cable has to be connected in the correct orientation in order to work. You also have to use the volume controls on whatever device you’re plugged into as the controls on the headset are only useable via Bluetooth, aparently.


One the Limiter does work, however, everything is fine. The newly set max volume of 85dB is great and actually sounds better than what I was expecting thanks to the noise-reducing headphones. The BT2200’s at 85dB are better than some headphones at full volume. Of course, if you want it just a little bit louder you can always disconnect the Limiter and use Bluetooth.


Overall, Puro Sound Labs’ BT2200 Wireless Headphones are great for kids (or adults) and won’t break the bank with their $80 price tag. There’s nothing exceptionally fancy about them. They’re just a good quality pair of headphones.